How To Grill Frozen Burgers

How To Grill Frozen Burgers: Ultimate Guide

If you are searching for how to grill frozen hamburgers, you resemble the rest people, short on time yet desire a scrumptious hamburger, however, yeah, they are frozen. For apparent factors, you can’t sit and enjoy them thaw on your kitchen area counter for extended periods of time.

Cooking premade hamburgers, on the other hand, may can be found in convenient if you’re constantly pushed for time. In this post, we will reveal you how to grill frozen hamburgers like a professional!

We’ll learn more about barbecuing frozen hamburgers, gizmos to make your life easier, and a couple of more obscure truths and gems along the method.


A couple of simple actions will assist you prepare frozen hamburgers and provide to your family and friends in a delicious method.

Prepare the Grill

Tidy and pre-heat the gas grill to 400 degrees. Pre-heating the grill for around 15 minutes will eliminate any previous residue and enable it to be all set for barbecuing. Bring the temperature level pull back to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

The grill need to be pre-heated in order to burn any old food and oil residue, which can hinder the taste of the hamburger patties if left ignored. The barbecue grates need to be cleaned up and all the barbeque utensils need to be all set.

Naturally, Defrosting Prior to Cooking Is the very best Alternative.

The hamburgers need to be thawed before to cooking on the grill if at all possible. This avoids them from adhering to the grill and makes sure that they prepare uniformly. While thawing the hamburger patties in the refrigerator is more effective, you might do it in the microwave if you’re brief on time.

Hamburger patties that have actually been thawed before to barbecuing cook more consistently and do not bubble up as if they were a hockey puck.

To avoid an overcooked hamburger, develop a little dip in the middle of each patty with your thumb. As an outcome, the center of the meal cooks more quickly, while the edges stay crisp.

Begin Preparing Your Meals

The primary step was to pre-heat your grill considering that it would take a while. To start making the hamburger patties, click on this link. There might be a stalemate if the celebrations are all locked together.

You’ll need to divide them apart. This might be done utilizing a fork, a knife with a dull blade, and even your hands if you desire. Using a softening mallet after putting frozen patties in a sealed bag may assist separate them more quickly. This will assist in their disintegration without the requirement for extreme force.

When separating frozen hamburger patties, I like to put them on a slicing board and break them apart with a mallet and a butter knife or any blunt knife.

Here’s how to do it: lay the butter knife in between 2 frozen patties, whack the knife, done. This is the quickest, simplest, and best approach I have actually discovered: no sharp blades, no patty-destroying hijinks, and no danger of injury.

Start Flavoring Those Hamburger Patties!

If your grill is currently warmed, examine to see that the temperature level is set to 350 degrees which the grill grate is tidy and all set to utilize.

Similar to fresh patties, frozen ones might be skilled. Seasoning your meat with salt and pepper is what we recommend here at barbeque Grill Academy, however do not hesitate to be innovative with your spices.

Goya Adobo all-purpose flavoring is what I utilize. For a frozen patties, it provides a great kick and a “salty” taste.

Here’s a bit of recommendations:

Including a little extra flavoring to frozen patties isn’t a bad concept. As the meat cooks and thaws, a few of the spices will clean off.

Let’s Grill Frozen Hamburger Patties on the Grill!

If you’re searching for some recommendations, here it is: Utilize simply one set of burners on the side of the grill opposite where you wish to put the frozen hamburgers if you’re utilizing a propane grill to grill them. This will allow the meat to prepare at a lower temperature level, making it possible for the thicker locations of the flesh to prepare, and will enable the meat to prepare more uniformly.

A charcoal grill might be utilized in the very same method. Location the hamburgers on the other side of the grill while the ashes are still hot.

Cooking frozen patties is everything about handling the heat and preventing spectacular the beef patties with extreme or high direct heat.

Location hamburger buns on the grill while the hamburgers prepare. Turn the buns over if you’d choose to see the within rather than the exteriors. Simply a little is all you require. Barbecuing hamburger buns for a brief amount of time suffices.

Prepare the hamburgers according to your own choice.

Utilizing a digital meat thermometer is the very best approach to make sure that your meat is prepared to the correct temperature level. Cooking frozen beef patties to a minimum of 160 degrees Fahrenheit is my normal standard. I understand some individuals wish to see their hamburgers prepared less, however, I like to prepare to a safe internal temperature level, and for hamburger patties, the minimum recommended temperature is 160 degrees.

I choose to include cheese and other garnishes to the hamburgers while they are still about 10 degrees except being done, such as barbecue sauce or melted butter.

4 minutes on each side, or up until the hamburgers are done to your preference.

Make mindful to let the hamburgers rest for a couple of minutes after you take them from the grill. If you do this, the fluids will be more uniformly dispersed throughout the meat and less most likely to be squandered throughout the cutting procedure.


Serve the most succulent grilled hamburgers you have actually ever made, total with beautiful grill marks!

Get a plate of dressings and a couple of additional cheese pieces prior to you serve your completely grilled hamburgers. Utilizing these pointers and strategies can assist you prepare hamburgers quicker and with more juice, making them much more scrumptious.

Constantly begin with a tidy gas grill, get rid of hotspots, and make sure that hamburger and frozen hamburger patties are prepared to a safe temperature level prior to serving.

A Couple Of Tips & & Tricks

  • If you have the time, thaw frozen hamburgers prior to barbecuing to make sure equivalent cooking.
  • Prior to you start preparing the hamburgers, collect your favored garnishes and have them all set.
  • A meat thermometer need to constantly be utilized to figure out the degree of doneness of meals.
  • Frozen hamburger patties need to not be prepared over a direct flame.
  • Frozen hamburgers might be spiced in the very same method as fresh ones.
  • To prevent overcooking, location patties on a grill set to indirect heat.
  • Including barbeque sauce might improve the taste of any meal.
  • You might accelerate the thawing procedure by putting your frozen hamburgers in a bowl of ice water.

Indoor barbecuing of frozen hamburgers is another alternative.

Inside grills are a choice if it’s too cold or rainy to prepare your hamburgers on the patio area. You might utilize an indoor grill rather.

Selecting the Right Hamburger Patties

Select hamburger patties that are at least 70% lean and 30% fat when buying them. Tender and juicy, this hamburger patty is best for barbecuing.

Flare-Ups: Some Ideas

Barbecuing frozen hamburger patties may cause flareups. The hot burners and charcoal utilize fat as a fuel source. You do not wish to get your hands on the hamburger patties in case of a flare-up.

The meat and even the hamburger buns will taste extreme due to the fact that of the contaminated smoke. There are a couple of things you can do to avoid this. To start, examine that your grill is set to medium heat, however do not hesitate to fine-tune it if required.

Aside from that, make certain to utilize an oven mitt or piece of aluminum foil while you’re cooking. Make certain the grill does not ignite by putting aluminum foil on the grates and putting the hamburgers on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Grill Frozen Burgers?

In order to figure out for how long it will require to prepare a hamburger, you require to understand how huge it is and just how much heat your grill postpones. Prepare to prepare the hamburgers for approximately 15 to 20 minutes on the grill.
Nevertheless, the most essential thing is that your meat thermometers show that the hamburgers are done. When hamburgers attain an internal temperature level of 160 °, they are thought about safe to take in.

Are Frozen or Thawed Burgers Better to Grill?

The cooking time for a thawed hamburger is much shorter. If you have the time, defrosting frozen hamburgers may be an excellent alternative. Utilizing this method can accelerate the cooking procedure.

Does Flavoring Frozen Hamburgers Make a Distinction?

Definitely. A moderate flavoring is all that is required for a hamburger with cheese and other dressings on it. You seasoned them and after that froze them. If you do not season the hamburger meat prior to barbecuing, the ended up item will be tasteless.

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