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Best Charcoal Storage Bin

The 5 Best Charcoal Storage Bin & Container For Airtight in 2022

The best charcoal storage bin is one that provides an airtight seal, has a wide opening to fill and empty the unit quickly, and is durable enough to handle any type of weather.

In Hurry? Our Top Pick for this type of product would be the Buddeez Charcoal Storage Bin with Lid. It holds up well in both hot and cold temperatures, it has a large opening for easy filling and emptying, and it doesn’t leak at all. This model also comes with handles which make moving it around easier than without them.

Why Charcoal Storage Bins Are Important?

Why do people like charcoal and need a place to store it? Charcoal is used for many different reasons and stored in many different types of storage containers, but the most important reason we use charcoal is to make barbecue food. Some people prefer using an electric grill or smoker, but no matter what you use, if you want your meat to taste delicious, you need to use charcoal.

There are many different kinds of containers that people use to store their charcoal in, including metal bins, plastic bins or even airtight steel drums. Of course some people may not want to spend money on a special bin for their coal and just rely on something more mobile like an airtight drum. However, there are several benefits to investing in a good quality storage bin rather than using makeshift methods.

First of all, some makeshift methods can actually cause fumes or gas from the charcoal to leak out into the air which might make it easier for someone nearby (such as children) to inhale through their nose while breathing. This could lead them to experience nausea, vomiting or have a sore throat. In some cases, this could lead to them experiencing dizziness and passing out if they already have breathing problems such as asthma.

Another benefit of having a solid storage bin with a lid is that it will prevent pests from getting inside of the bin and harassing your charcoal by digging it up or even chewing on the bag itself.

This can be especially important for those who store their charcoal outside in an unprotected area (like in the backyard) where there might be other insects such as ants that can easily dig through your bag and then leave their scent which will draw more ants into the pile that is now sitting right next to your house.

Best Charcoal Storage Bin Container Reviewed

1. Buddeez 03701B Original Kingsford Charcoal Kaddy

Whatever your grilling needs, the original Kingsford charcoal dispenser by Buddeez has you covered. It holds up to 24lbs of charcoal and making life easy for you is their specialty! Not only does it have a convenient flip lid for easy scooping but also comes with a bag-in feature that will keep your grill dry and free from dust when not in use. Keep looking clean with a nifty little gripper for holding kitchen bags or simply fill the disposable paper liner included.

This charcoal storage bin is a portable and convenient all-purpose container for storing your charcoal. It has a professional finish with comfortable handles that makes it easy to carry from the garage to the backyard, from your RV to the campsite, or anywhere you want superior quality BBQ grilling. Since its design allows air circulation, this is great for dry storage as well as keeping your briquettes fresh at both home or when on-the-go.

It’s perfect for those who care about being eco-friendly too because of its recycled polypropylene body and high density lid which have been certified lead free so you can feel good about every time you go out with Buddeez©. It also includes an interior lid handle so it’s even easier to move around.

2. Rubbermaid Roughneck Mini Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Deck Box

A deck box is perfect for storing commonly used items like grill accessories, charcoal, small garden tools or gloves. So it’s no wonder the Rubbermaid Roughneck Mini Storage Deck is so popular with homeowners all over the world. A must-have feature of this deck box also makes it a great storage option for tight spaces: lockability!

Now, you can store your charcoal, treasured tools, grilling equipment and other important items worry-free inside a rugged yet attractive mini deck box that will keep them protected from spills and weather.

With double-wall construction made from dent-resistant material to avoid leaking and rotting, you’ll get years of use out of this durable pool or toolbox that’s just right at home outside on the exterior porch railing as it is in the corner of your garage.

3. Rubbermaid Cleverstore 71 QT Pack of 4 Stackable Containers

Find the unexpected joy in home organization with the easy-to-view straight wall tote design that maximizes shelf and drawer space. These Rubbermaid Charcoal Containers are made of polypropylene material, can hold up to 14% more than other storage container of same size, are durable, shatter free, made in USA. The box has an easy fill lid for no spilling or dripping contents when pouring or dumping items into it. It holds securely on any side for one handed carrying which is especially useful if you have a full load of groceries this morning!

These Rubbermaid durable storage bins are here to help with space-saving, transportation capabilities, and waterproof characteristics so your dirt will stay where it belongs – inside the bin! A recessed lid construction keeps them sturdy for migration purposes. And also included is our smart handle system which will keep your items securely inside…not spilling out messes all over your flooring during moving time or any other event that might require traveling with these containers.

4. CleverMade Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids

There’s a solution to every problem – even storing your things! CleverMade has the perfect way with our collapsible storage bins.

Now, whether you’re hauling off all of your tools for the day with you or putting away groceries after shopping, these Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids can keep everything neat and tidy.

With 100lbs capacity, these durable plastic tubs are stackable when collapsed and offer an easy transport option through their comfortable ergonomic handles (perfect for heavy loads!). Use this clever product as a toy organizer too by stacking them up in a playroom or bedroom. From garage organization to travel convenience, CleverMade has what you need!

5. Keter City 30 Gallon Resin Deck Box for Charcoal

Keter’s City Deck Box is a great way to store anything from your dive equipment to gardening supplies, charcoal, and it won’t rot or rust! The plastic resin construction will protect it from the elements, no matter what time of year you’re storing things. Plus with built-in handles that make moving this deck box from one outdoor space to another a breeze, you’ll find many functional uses for the Keter City 30 Gallon Resin Deck Box.

Product features include a ventilated interior and has individual slotted compartments that have been designed to fit just about anything you might need on your next barbecue! The box can also be outfitted with a padlock to deter theft when not at home or vacationing. This handsome deck box comes in natural wood finish and will seamlessly integrate into any existing outdoor decor thanks to its elegant design.

Different Types Of Charcoal Storage Bins

There are quite a few different kinds of storage bins for charcoal and each kind might be better suited for certain situations than others.

The most basic type of bin is simply a plastic tub with a lid that snaps shut. This type of storage is usually the cheapest, but it doesn’t have any special features or even a handle to make it easier to transport from one place to another. For those who want something more sturdy, they may consider using a metal drum which can come in many different sizes and styles depending on what you need the barrel for.

One popular option is the round metal barrel with handles at either side so that you can easily carry it around with you as needed without leaving any marks from the handles digging into your skin. Of course this type of storage does cost more but it’s also very sturdy, long lasting and resistant to any damage.

For those who want something in between these two types of storage containers, there are also steel drums which have a smaller barrel shape with thicker metal walls, so they don’t bend or crease under pressure when you move the drum around.

They might not be able to hold as much charcoal at once compared to something like a plastic tub with no lid, but their superior quality makes them worth the extra money if you’re willing to spend it on something that can store your coal for several years with few problems.

The biggest downside is that these option usually need some kind of concrete base in order to sit on safely since they don’t come with anything built-in except for the drain plug at the bottom.

Overall, steel drums are probably the best way to go when looking for something that will prevent your charcoal from getting wet or dirty since they come with a few extra features like carrying handles and built in legs so that it doesn’t need its own separate stand in order to hold more of your fuel during cooking time.

What To Look For In A Charcoal Storage Bin

If you’re looking for something that can hold a lot of charcoal without taking up too much space, then there are few great options to look at online.


The first thing you should pay attention to is how many pounds (or kilograms) the storage bin can hold since this will let you know if it’s worth buying or not depending on how much fuel you use each time you barbecue. If it can’t hold enough coal, then you might end up spending money on more than one storage container which isn’t efficient and could cost twice as much as one good-sized bin with plenty of capacity inside.


A lot of the options on the market are made of steel because it’s sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant which is perfect for keeping your charcoal protected from harsh weather conditions. If you’re worried about buying anything that might end up looking dirty or rusty after a while then getting something with a powder-coated exterior finish will help protect your investment but keep in mind that any scratches you put along the surface could also be more noticeable on these so try to avoid touching them if possible.


Another important feature to keep in mind is whether or not the lid snaps shut which is very useful if you’ll be carrying it over uneven ground or if the bin might get bumped around a lot over time. Even if you keep your storage container inside, there are still things that could bump into it and dislodge the lid which is another reason why it’s important to look at how well the snap closure works before buying one of these bins just to see that the lid doesn’t stay closed when you pick up or move it somewhere else.

Of course if you plan on keeping your pile of coal outside in an open yard for long periods of time, then having something sturdy is much more important than worrying about whether or not the cover closes tightly. However for those who want to move their charcoal often or store it in a less convenient location where people will be walking by, then getting a bin with a tightly fitting lid will definitely be worth the extra money. There are even some steel drums which come with a locking feature so that there’s no chance of the lid popping open when it’s empty, but this doesn’t really apply to storage bins without lids since they aren’t designed for travel or carrying around in an upright position.

Legs and Handles

Something else to consider is whether or not the container has legs on it which makes it easier to get your charcoal out of the container without having to reach into a pile that might spill over the rim if you pull too quickly. Sometimes these features can get in the way since they’re built into one side instead of both like most storage containers, but if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty then keep in mind that you can also cut off the legs on most drums with the right tools. Also keep an eye out for anything that might come with a plastic handle or tool to help with pouring because these are nice extras which make it easier to pick up and carry around.

If you want something that’s easy to move, then storage bins like this could be a good choice since they’re specifically designed to be picked up and carried around by their steel handles without making any noise or leaving behind scratches on hard surfaces underneath where they sit at home. Some of them even come with wheels installed so that you won’t have to leave your big bag of charcoal behind if it needs moving from one location (like a backyard) into another (like a shed). Just make sure that you don’t overload the bin and end up crushing anything inside of it before buying one with wheels since they definitely aren’t intended for outdoor use.

How To Store Charcoal Properly?

  • To store charcoal for as long as possible, it’s best to keep it in a well ventilated area where it won’t be exposed to too much direct sunlight or moisture.
  • Also make sure that it’s far enough away from any source of heat (such as vents and fireplaces) and not next to flammable objects (like your propane gas grill).
  • And even though we all make mistakes now and again, you should ideally avoid getting any ashes on the surface of your charcoals since they can leave behind stains which will eventually cause corrosion just like rust does.
  • If this happens then there might be some damage done to the steel interior so try to wipe off any dust before using them unless you plan on manually removing these stains with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.


A good charcoal storage bin not only keeps your charcoal clean but also makes it easy for you to get access to whatever bag of coal you might need during barbecue season without having to look for anything out of reach or digging through a pile on the ground. You don’t have to spend more money on an electric smoker compared to buying some cheap bins which function just as well for many people’s needs.


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