Where to Buy Liquid Nitrogen

Where to Buy Liquid Nitrogen for Cooking

Liquid nitrogen is a very versatile and useful material. It can be used for science experiments, making ice cream or food preservation. There are many places where you can buy liquid nitrogen: laboratory supply stores, grocery stores (in the frozen food section) and online retailers like Amazon.com that sell it in 5-gallon containers. Liquid nitrogen has been around for decades but its uses continue to expand as more people find out how easy it is to use this remarkable substance!

What is Liquid Nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is a cheap and abundant resource that can be used to make many things. It is sometimes called LN2 or LNG instead of liquid nitrogen.

Many people use it at work, school, home, etc… There are tons of uses for this stuff!

For example: cryogenics (freezing), instant ice cream making machines, food storage containers in the freezer section of your grocery store/home refrigerator/chest freezer, brew beer without fermenting with some yeast packets from the homebrew shop adding them directly into water mixed with sugar before freezing and thawing later when you want to drink it(this also works great for rootbeer!), dry ice bombs which will leave a mess on most surfaces but won’t break anything (look it up on YouTube), and much more.

Where to Buy Liquid Nitrogen?

Local Distributors

Although liquid nitrogen is not sold over the counter, some distributors such as Praxair and Airgas who specialize in the distribution of gases often stock it. You may use the shop finder on the company’s website, or do a web search or consult the yellow pages to identify an agent near you.

Tire Mechanics

Many car body shops prefer to fill tires with liquid nitrogen rather than air. Because nitrogen fumes penetrate the rubber more quickly than oxygen vapors, the tire will stay inflated for a longer period of time. Fortunately, these businesses will have enough nitrogen on hand and may even have extra dewars. Additionally, you must contact them ahead to your visit, since these establishments do not advertise the goods.

Stores That Sell Welding Supplies

Additionally, any store that offers welding equipment is an excellent location to check the LN2 level. Liquid nitrogen is used by a significant number of large-scale welding businesses. As a result, you’re more than likely to locate a refill at a supply shop. However, welding supply shops that offer the product are often focused on large-ticket items. As a result, there is no assurance they will take modest orders.


Because many Costco locations include a repair department, they are likely to have nitrogen liquid for wheel filling. You may inquire about buying one the next time you come and hope for the best.

Local Universities

Another excellent source of information is your local universities and colleges. Liquid nitrogen is often available on college campuses with scientific labs for different research initiatives. Your institution may have some available for purchase, and they often sell them at a discount to the market price. Consult the college’s website or contact their physics and chemistry departments for more information.

Liquid Nitrogen Safety

When dealing with liquid nitrogen, it is essential to adopt the following precautions:

  • When liquid nitrogen comes into touch with live tissues, it may cause severe frostbite. When handling liquid nitrogen, it is essential to wear protective clothing to prevent contact with or inhalation of the very cold liquid. To avoid exposure, insulate and protect the skin.
  • Because it boils at such a fast pace and in such a short period of time, the transition from gas to liquid may generate a great deal of pressure quickly. Avoid putting gas in a sealed container as this may result in the container bursting or explode.
  • Additionally, introducing significant quantities of nitrogen into the air may deplete the oxygen supply, posing a danger of asphyxiation. Cold nitrogen is a heavier gas than air, therefore the danger is greatest near the surface. Utilize liquid nitrogen in a well-ventilated area.
  • Containers of liquid nitrogen may be used to store oxygen that has been condensed by the air. As the nitrogen vaporizes, it may initiate a fast oxidation process in organic materials.


Liquid nitrogen can be dangerous if not handled properly. Make sure you know the proper safety precautions and that your kitchen is well ventilated before using it to cook with, but don’t let this discourage you from experimenting!

There are plenty of safe recipes out there for you to try, so start cooking up a storm in the comfort of your own home today. Just follow these tips and remember to keep an eye on how much liquid nitrogen food items need – too little will result in freezer burn and too much will do more than just turn things into ice cream–it’ll make them explode!

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