Best Undercounter Ice Makers

Top 8 Best Undercounter Ice Makers for 2022

The best undercounter ice makers are not only an excellent addition to any restaurant, but also a great investment for your home. These machines will help you get the most out of your space while providing food service professionals with high-quality pieces that are easy to use and can produce up to 240 pounds of ice in just 24 hours. The following eight models have been selected by our team as being among the best on the market today.

If you’re looking for a way to increase productivity without adding more labor or increasing inventory, then investing in one of these machines is just what you need!

What is an Undercounter Ice Maker?

An undercounter ice maker is a small appliance that sits underneath your kitchen counter and produces ice. They are perfect for people who want to have access to ice without having to go through the hassle of filling up an ice tray or using a freezer.

Undercounter ice makers come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one common goal: to make your life easier by giving you easy access to ice. Some models even have the ability to produce different sizes of ice cubes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you’re looking for a way to make your life a little bit easier, then an undercounter ice maker is the perfect solution for you.

How Do Undercounter Ice Makers Work?

Undercounter ice makers are relatively simple machines. They consist of three main parts: the water reservoir, the freezing unit, and the dispenser.

The water reservoir is where you put the water that will be turned into ice. The freezing unit is where the water is turned into ice cubes. And the dispenser is where you get your ice from.

Most undercounter ice makers have a small freezer attached to them, which is where the freezing unit is located. When the water in the reservoir reaches a certain temperature, it is sent to the freezing unit, where it is turned into ice cubes. These ice cubes are then dispensed through the dispenser.

It’s important to note that not all undercounter ice makers have a freezer attached to them. Some models have an external freezer, which means that the freezing unit is located in a different part of your house.

If you’re not sure if an undercounter ice maker has a freezer attached to it, be sure to check the specifications before you buy.

What are the Benefits of Owning an Undercounter Ice Maker?

There are many benefits to owning an undercounter ice maker, including:

  • Convenience: An undercounter ice maker gives you easy access to ice without having to go through the hassle of filling up an ice tray or using a freezer. This is especially useful for people who live in hot climates or drink a lot of water.
  • Space: Many undercounter ice makers are designed to be small and unobtrusive, which means that they take up very little space on your kitchen counter. This is perfect if you don’t have much room in your cabinets or enough space in your freezer for another appliance.
  • Flexibility: You can get undercounter ice makers with different features so that you only pay for what you need. Don’t need the ability to produce different size cubes? No problem! Want an extra large capacity? There are models available! The point is, there’s something out there for everyone.
  • Variety: Undercounter ice makers come in two different types: air-cooled and water-cooled. Both models have their pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research before you make a purchase.

That being said, one of the main benefits of owning an undercounter ice maker is saving time and effort. If you live in a hot climate or drink a lot of water, then an undercounter ice maker is perfect for you.

The 8 Best Undercounter Ice Makers Reviewed

1. hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine

The HomeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine is undoubtedly one of the most efficient restaurant-grade undercounter ice makers available. Each 20-minute cycle produces around 45 clear ice cubes and up to 99 pounds of ice per day, according to this model. This machine has a huge storage capacity of 29 lbs, which should be more than enough for your daily ice requirements.

In a home or restaurant, this freestanding ice machine may be simply set up. It has a sleek appearance and a rust-resistant stainless steel interior, and it comes with several attachments including a water draining hose, a water supply connection, and a water supply line.

Additionally, this product is ideal for use in a large family or commercial setting. It is capable of supplying enough ice to meet the high need of hotels, restaurants, and large homes. Because it has an internal 1.2-liter water tank, this gadget eliminates the frustration of having to refill related with conventional countertop equipment.

There’s a simple control panel and an intelligent LCD display that indicates the water and ice-making functions, as well on this model. It also has an easy-to-use interface with settings for altering the thickness of the ice cubes and the ice-making duration. It also features an automated cleaning mechanism for quick cleanliness.

2. Smad Commercial Ice Maker Machine Undercounter

This model, like all other top-rated undercounter gourmet ice maker, includes front ventilation. As a result, it may be installed in any cabinet. It functions as a freezer, preventing the ice produced from melting too quickly. This under-cabinet ice maker has a sliding door that you can adjust to your liking.

The Under-Counter Ice Maker is a space efficient machine that produces up to 12 pounds of ice daily and has a 6 pound ice storage bin. This equipment automatically shuts off when the ice bin is full. This is an excellent little under-counter ice maker, but it’s not ideal for a big gathering.

3. Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO 26″ Air Cooled Undercounter Dice Cube Ice Machine

The Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO is a large-capacity ice machine that makes a lot of ice fast. It can satisfy the demands of a big household, as well as huge gatherings and parties. The manufacturing capacity per day is 135 pounds, but the storage capacity is 90 pounds. Full-dice ice cubes are produced by this model, although there are other options for half-dice and full-size cubes.

When the ice bin is full, the control panel informs you of this. There’s no need to be concerned about leaving the ice bin overflowing with ice, though. It will not overflow. A sensor maintains the machine from making more ice until you scoop it out or it melts away.

Furthermore, the control panel has a delay timer option that allows you to stop the production of ice for four, twelve, or twenty-four hours. Installation is straightforward. All that is required is 26 inches of undercounter space, access to water supply, and drainage system capability.

The gravity drain on the Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO is compatible with just floor drains. If your drain is at a higher elevation, you’ll need to purchase and install a small pump. The Manitowoc UDF0140A incorporates a slide-up door to save space. To save space, you don’t need to provide clearance for the door’s opening.

4. CROWNFUL Commercial Ice Maker 100Lbs/24H

This industrial ice maker will satisfy your needs if you’re searching for a cost-effective method to keep your drinks cool at all times. You’ll be able to provide enough frozen refreshments for however many people you serve, regardless of how many there are. We give the best product on the market, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of ice again! This equipment creates 45 cubes every cycle, usually in 11-20 minutes and with fewer batches per day than previous devices allow for, saving time and money.

We appreciate how many hours you put into planning and executing an event at Crownful, which is why we’d like to take care of everything for you. You may devote more time to more important tasks such as coming up with new drink flavor combinations when you use this industrial ice maker. It automatically goes into production mode three or four times each hour, producing 33 pounds of crystal-clear ice every 24 hours after it has been set up.

That is all there is to it. After that, you’ll need to collect some water near the faucet, make some crowns, and then relax as new growth emerges.

5. Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker

This undercounter ice machine may meet all of your refrigeration needs while also producing delectable gourmet cubes for beverages, cocktails, and desserts. It has a gravity drain that eliminates the need to worry about plumbing issues, and the air-cooled technology keeps it from getting too hot in your kitchen, as other models have.

This machine produces enough ice in a 24-hour period to ensure that everyone in the household is satisfied with their supply. The Scotsman CU50GA is an important piece of equipment for people who want to establish a home bar or restaurant or offer potent cocktails in flats and condos.

This ice maker produces a transparent block of delectable tasting ice that won’t dilute your drinks. It’s surprisingly tiny, measuring just 15 inches across, making it perfect for flats and inconspicuous when placed next to walls or counters. No more watery cubes, which only adds to the appeal of this traditionally square design.

6. Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Built-In Ice Maker

Whynter is a company that specializes in ice makers, freezers, coolers, and ice cream makers. The Whynter UIM-155 undercounter freestanding ice maker has front venting. The Whynter UIM-155 undercounter ice maker is unique because it includes a CFC-free high-efficiency compressor. There’s no need for drain installation; it runs on a single touch. A food-grade water line connection, an ice scoop, and an ice container are included in the package. This machine has a single button and works with a single press of the button.

The Whynter UIM-155 undercounter ice maker comes with a 12-month warranty. This type is also covered by an additional 5-year guarantee. The inner and exterior of the Whynter UIM-155 undercounter ice maker, as well as the condenser, water disturbing tube, and ice-making system, should all be cleaned on a regular basis. The interior should be disinfected and washed with clean water. Clean the stainless steel outside with mild detergent and warm water.

The Whynter UIM-155 undercounter ice maker produces 12 pounds of crescent-shaped ice every day. It’s a low-volume machine, which means it turns out relatively little ice. The ice bin on the Whynter UIM-155 undercounter ice maker can hold up to 6 pounds of ice.

7. EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker, 12 lbs

The EdgeStar is a tiny ice maker that tucks under nearly any counter. Its 15 inches broad by 25 inches tall dimensions make it perfect for hiding inside any unused kitchen space. However, do not be fooled by its diminutive appearance. This fellow is a real working man, with a production rate that’s equivalent to winning the ice casino’s jackpot. With enough ice to keep the family cool on a chilly day and plenty of extra room for keeping some of it separate in preparation for a garden party or a summer heatwave, this 6-pound storage tray has enough capacity to keep everyone happy.

The EdgeStar is the world’s first ice maker that features an automatic shut-off function to ensure that your ice treasure trove doesn’t overflow when it’s opened. Aside from that, the EdgeStar works flawlessly. While there have been a few complaints about loudness on the internet, we’ve discovered that this is typically due to incorrect system configuration.

Unfortunately, this is the case with a large number of appliances. If you do choose to get this small runner, make sure the adjustable legs remain level. An appliance that is balanced is a happy appliance.

Finally, the price is one of the appliance’s most appealing features. And my, isn’t it cheap? In comparison to its bigger competitors, who charge around $400, this EdgeStar unit costs far less and can produce ice 24 hours a day. As a result, while it may not be the prettiest or biggest machine on the market, if you’re willing to give up looks for functionality, it’s our top bargain pick.

8. COSTWAY Commercial Ice Machine

This commercial ice machine is perfect for making large quantities of ice quickly and easily. It has a high-power compressor and 8.8 lbs of storage, so you can produce up to 88 lbs of ice per day. The clear LCD control panel makes it easy to adjust the settings to your liking, and the automatic cleaning function keeps the machine running smoothly and bacteria-free. Whether you’re throwing a party or just need some extra ice on hand, this machine has you covered.

This machine is built to last with heavy-duty metal construction and UL certification, and it features durable thermal insulation that ensures better ice making performance. Plus, its in-box lighting and viewing window make it easy to keep an eye on things, and the included ice scoop, water supply hose, and water draining hose make set-up a breeze.

This unit produces crystal clear cube-shaped ice cubes quickly and efficiently, making it perfect for use in homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, and more. Plus, its free-standing design means you can install it just about anywhere you have access to a water supply and drain.

Things To Consider When Buying An Ice Maker

Undercounter ices makers are space saving appliances that can provide you with endless amounts of fresh tasting ice cubes, making them perfect for iced tea, iced coffee drinks and mixed drinks. These appliances come in many different sizes and styles; including air-cooled or water-cooled units with storage bins or without bins. If you desire to find the best undercounter ice maker for your home or business there are certain features to look for when choosing one. We’ve created a guide below with 7 things to consider when looking for an undercounter ice maker.

1) Undercounter Ice Maker Size

This is one of the most important things to think about before purchasing an under counter icemaker because if it’s too big or too small, it just won’t be practical. Do you need a unit that will produce a high volume of ice or will a smaller capacity suffice? Also, measure the available counter space to make sure the icemaker will fit.

2) Ice Maker Type

There are two types of undercounter ice makers- air cooled and water cooled. Air cooled units are less expensive but they can produce more noise than water cooled models. Water cooled machines use a water reservoir to cool the compressor and are typically more expensive but quieter.

3) Ice Cube Size

Some people prefer small ice cubes for beverages while others like them large. Some icemakers allow you to choose between different sizes while others have one size cube.

4) Ice Maker Production

How much ice do you need on a daily basis? If you entertain often or have a large family, you’ll need an icemaker that can produce more ice. Keep in mind that some units take longer than others to produce ice.

5) Water Connection Location

Some undercounter icemakers require a water line to be connected directly to the appliance while others have a water reservoir that needs to be filled periodically. Consider where the closest water outlet is located before purchasing an icemaker.

6) Automatic Shut Off/On Feature

This feature is important because it keeps your machine from running constantly and wasting energy. Look for an icemaker with an automatic shut off timer so you can set it and forget it.

7) Ice Storage Capacity

If you don’t have a lot of storage space in your freezer, you’ll want to buy an icemaker with a large ice storage capacity. This way, you can store extra ice cubes and not have to worry about running out.

By considering the seven things mentioned above, you’re sure to find the perfect undercounter ice maker for your needs and home. Happy shopping!


1) How long should an under counter ice maker last?

A: The lifespan of an ice maker is primarily based on factors such as your location, the density of surrounding construction, how often it’s used, and what type of ice you’re using.

2) Why are under cabinet ice makers so expensive?

A: Under cabinet ice makers are not cheap. They’re more expensive than their countertop counterparts due to the way they’re built and engineered. These units have a lot of parts that require precise fitting in order for them to operate properly, which increases manufacturing costs. In addition, since undercounter ice makers are usually larger appliances with compressors, condensers, evaporators, and fans, they also need extensive insulation so your money isn’t being wasted on energy costs from both powering the unit and keeping it cold at the same time.

3) Which ice makers do not require a drain?

A: In most cases, ice makers that do not require a drain will be tabletop or countertop varieties or have self-contained water filters. You can still find undercounter models with internal water filters but these aren’t the norm.

4) Is Scotsman a good ice maker?

A: Scotsman ice machines are known for their commercial grade durability. This brand is highly regarded in the industry and is carried by many reputable distributors. If you’re looking at buying an undercounter ice maker, this may be one of your top choices.


We hope you found our guide to the best undercounter ice makers helpful and informative. Our goal was to highlight all of the benefits that these products can offer, and we also wanted to provide a thorough buyer’s guide for those who want more information before making their purchase decision.

Whether your needs are personal or professional, one of these top 8 picks is sure to be perfect for any home or office kitchen space! To make it easier on yourself, use our handy buying guide as an outline with some added considerations in mind when choosing which product will work best for you. Which product would work best in your situation? Why?

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