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10 Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves for Smoker 2022

Tender, juicy meat is the reward for a long day of cooking outdoors over an open flame. But grilling requires a lot of physical labor – moving large pieces of food back and forth across the coals and turning steaks, burgers, sausages, and ribs every few minutes. If you don’t want to go through the whole weekend with blisters on your hands, you’ll need some quality barbecue gloves to protect them.

The best barbecue gloves are thick enough to offer protection against heat and small enough to keep your fingers agile enough to flip food without dropping it on the grill. They might have silicone grips on the palms or extra-long cuffs that protect your wrists from burns. They’re usually made of leather or synthetic materials that resist heat and moisture.

What Are BBQ Gloves?

BBQ gloves are specifically designed to protect your hands from extreme heat while still allowing you to perform tasks without hindrance.

They are made with a special type of fabric that is infused with silicone and fits tight against your hand. This keeps heat away from your skin, allowing you to pick up hot objects without getting burned.

They also allow you to easily maneuver food over the grill. Instead of struggling with a spatula or tongs, you can simply pick up pieces of food and flip them over confidently knowing that the gloves will prevent any burns.

Different Types of Grill Gloves

The Grill gloves are made in different materials, leather, fabric, silicone, and synthetic and this is the main feature of each glove. The grill gloves have different purposes. You can find the best one that meets your need. Let us take a look at the type.


These gloves have a clear advantage in gripping things as they stick to whatever you touch and are especially useful when handling hot or cold items. This kind of material is very durable and offers great protection for hands and forearms. But there is a disadvantage as well, silicone grill gloves are not waterproof at all so it’s not advisable to work with hot oil or water inside them.


This kind of material is definitely more flexible than the previous ones but it has a big disadvantage as well, they don’t offer any protection against heat which makes them useless when you handle hot items on the grill but they can be useful in other cases like peeling vegetables or removing fish from the grill or from skewers.


These gloves are very useful for smokers and for people who don’t like silicone on their hands because the leather grill gloves are totally natural. The only disadvantage is that there is no air circulation inside them which makes them uncomfortable to use


Synthetic grill gloves are usually made from nylon or polyester. They come in a variety of colors and are usually washable in cold water. Because these gloves are usually thinner than leather or fabric gloves, they tend to be less expensive as well.

These work great for tasks that require dexterity with hot utensils. You’ll have more control over tongs and spatulas with these on since they’re not bulky. However, they’re not going to provide as much protection as other materials.

List of 10 Best BBQ Gloves Reviewed

#1 GRILL HEAT AID BBQ Gloves Heat Resistant

GRILL HEAT AID BBQ Gloves Heat Resistant

The GRILL HEAT AID BBQ Gloves Heat Resistant are great for Barbecues, cooking, baking, woodworking and welding. They are a lot safer than regular barbecue gloves because they’re 1472F heat resistant. This ensures that you won’t have to deal with the danger of getting burns from the heat which you would with normal BBQ gloves.

The GRILL HEAT AID BBQ Gloves Heat Resistant can also be used inside the kitchen when someone is cooking in the house. This is thanks to these gloves being sanitary due to them having an antibacterial coating making sure they remain clean especially if someone has washed their hands before using these gloves.

They not only protect your hands from heat but they also will protect them from cuts which can be dangerous when handling sharp objects such as knives or meat cleavers also!

#2 Cuisinart CGM-200 Full Coverage Heat Resistant Grill Gloves

Cuisinart CGM-200 Full Coverage Heat Resistant Grill Gloves

The Cuisinart Full Coverage Heat Resistant Grill Glove is perfect for outdoor grilling! Cuisinart’s Heat Resistant Grill Gloves are made of extra tough silicone to withstand extreme heat on the grill, up to 572°F / 300˚C.

These non-slip gloves are great for grabbing hot handles of cast iron pans and stainless steel toppers, and easily grab food with tongs. They’re made with silicone material on palms for a non-slip grip and long length for forearm protection so you can keep your hands protected and still able to effectively handle hot items around the grill.

These barbecue gloves also come with an ambidextrous design, allowing you to wear them on either hand. The gloves can be machine washed and come with a convenient hook for hanging after air drying.

#3 14.5″ Long Premium Leather BBQ Gloves by G & F

14.5" Long Premium Leather BBQ Gloves by G & F

Test it with a thumb and a bat and you’ll find it hard to believe how tough they are. Wear gloves like these that are made from Kevlar and you won’t have to worry about thorn bushes or sharp objects ever again!

They’re heat resistant and oil resistant so grab some tongs for your next BBQ party or work around the fireplace.

The soft cotton lining will give you comfort as you grip things and toss food around, but it also helps keep your hands from getting hot “or” from being burned when handling things like a campfire or hot coals.

You’ll love just how easy it is to use this pair of gloves for animal handling as well because of the puncture, cut and bite resistance built in.

And let’s be honest, if you’re going to carry around a nice pair of gloves “you” want them to look nice right? We think so too! Try one out and we promise you’ll love them just as much as we do…maybe even with a little extra on hand!

#4 Cuisinart CGM-520 Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves

Cuisinart CGM-520 Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves

The Cuisinart CGM-520 Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves allow you to flip your burgers, handle your hotdogs and adjust the temperature of your grill, all while never having to worry about getting burned.

The heat resistant silicone gloves are perfect for working with a grill or smoker allowing easy adjustments to air vents, cooking racks, or removing anything from a hot surface.

These waterproof and dishwasher-safe gloves repel grease and sticky sauces, so they can be cleaned with a simple rinse or in the dishwasher–perfect for the post-barbeque cleanup.

The perfect grilling accessory, these BBQ gloves are heat resistant up to 425 degrees, so that you can adjust the air vent, remove a pan from the heat source, or place your meat on the grill with ease.

They repel grease and sticky substances, are non-slip, waterproof, dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

The textured exterior makes for a superior gripping surface when working around high heat and flames. They’re also large enough for all hand sizes. Perfect for smokers, grills and barbecue’s!

#5 Kingsford Extreme Heat BBQ Grill Gloves

Kingsford Extreme Heat BBQ Grill Gloves

Grilling is an outstanding method of cooking but reaches temps that can cauterize your skin. Keeping the heat from reaching your meat requires well insulated gloves, and Kingsford has delivered in the form of their Extreme Heat grill gloves.

Measuring 12.5 x 7 inches and made with flexible material, these truly are heat resistant gloves. The cotton liner is a nice upgrade from what we’ve seen with other similar products, too. With anti-slip silicone on both sides of the gloves, they’re a bit more versatile than some of the others we tested out.

A focus on safety means being able to use this product while cooking up other meals in high heat environments as well.

To keep clean during storage, follow the instructions and hand wash. Overall, you won’t find a better pair of cooker’s gloves for protecting yourself against hot grill temperatures!

#6 Premium Silicone BBQ Gloves & Grill Gloves in Attractive Gift Box

Premium Silicone BBQ Gloves & Grill Gloves in Attractive Gift Box

Protect your hands and fingers while grilling with these extra-long silicone mitts that feature an ingenious design allowing you to grip utensils and grill racks with comfort and confidence.

As these BBQ silicone gloves protect your hands, they are also safe for cooking up to 442°F (227°C). They provide cool comfort even with sustained use in the heat. The best of all – these revolutionary grilling mitts make cleanup a snap!

These long barbecue mitts are machine washable and their non-stick coating easily releases meat grease, BBQ sauce and marinade. Plus, our premium silicone BBQ gloves come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

#7 RAPICCA Leather Heat Proof Gloves

RAPICCA Leather Heat Proof Gloves

RAPICCA 16 inches long BBQ gloves really protect your hands from hot coals, barbeque tools and open flames when you are grilling or smoking meat in the backyard.

The ultimate BBQ gloves for serious grilling, a pair of gloves protect your forearms from grinding debris, welding sparks, hot coals and open flames, hot kitchen ware and hot steam with their heat proof up to 500° F.

The double layers of air-isolated aluminum foil between cotton twill fabric will keep your hands warm in the winter time when you are cooking outside before or after a snowstorm.

The Heat Resistant Kevlar Insulated Cotton can be used for many other purposes such as Firefighters gloves, Home Cooking gloves, Industrial Workers protection gloves.

#8 GEEKHOM Grilling Gloves

Preparing BBQ or grilling? Don’t want to use your hands and arm for the hot pan or grill? This Grilling Gloves would be the best choice for you.

The gloves will absorb most of the heat, giving comfort. Long sleeve design makes the BBQ experience safer. Very comfortable and soft, even when you pick up hot food. Waterproof, make your hands safer when doing some dirty work in the kitchen.

These BBQ gloves provide a dual-layer design that consists of an outer silicone glove and inner heat-resistant cotton layer which is made up of high-quality materials.

These BBQ gloves can resist from -104℉to 446℉ temperature and has good heat resistance capacity. And it is made of silicone material which is safe for touching harmful items like sharp knives or burners.

#9 Redriver High Temp Resistance Fireproof BBQ Gloves

Redriver High Temp Resistance Fireproof BBQ Gloves

High Temp Resistance Fireproof BBQ Gloves is one of the necessities for your grilling time, it’s perfect for you to use in the kitchen and outdoors, it builds a good protection feature, you will never worry about stickiness caused by sweating, non-slip and heat-resistant, ensure using at ease.

The BBQ gloves with the original design and high quality cotton material safeguard the maximum health standards to the user due to its premium features.

It comes with elastic cuffs so that it is easy to wear and take off. You can easily wash it for cleaning or rinsing in the water and then hang it up for drying.

After the fun, you should not forget put some soap onto your gloves or just rub it gently then clean up with water and air dry for secondary use.

#10 Comsmart Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ Gloves

Comsmart Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ Gloves

Comsmart heat resistant gloves are made from three different materials and provide a non-slip protection grip with flexible enough to hold little kitchen utensils. The specific design allows maximum dexterity and makes it easier for you to handle small objects during cooking or baking.

These machine washable and hand washable kitchen gloves are heat resistant (1472°F) and protect your hands, provide the most protection and comfort.

These heat proof gloves ensure the safety of hands when handling extra hot pans and perfect kitchen helper for high heat cooking, baking, grilling, or anything involving heat.

What to Look For When Buying Barbecue Gloves


When choosing barbecue gloves, the first thing to consider is the type of material they are made of. The three most popular materials are silicone, woven fabric, and treated leather.

  • Treated leather BBQ gloves are durable and resistant to heat but can be a little tight on your hands and wrists. The major down side to these kinds of gloves is that they get really slippery when wet.
  • Silicone gloves are very comfortable and easy to wear. They are heat resistant up to 500 degrees but tend to tear easily which makes them a bit less durable than other types of gloves.
  • Woven fabric gloves are very comfortable because they allow the hands and fingers to breathe, unlike silicone gloves that can cause your hands to sweat more than normal. Woven fabric gloves, however, aren’t as heat resistant as leather or silicone but still provide a good level of protection against high temperatures.

Heat Resistance

The heat resistance of your gloves is an extremely important factor to consider. Not only do you need your gloves to protect your hands from the heat, but you also need them to give them flexibility and comfort while cooking.

The best way to determine if your gloves are heat resistant, is to check the material they are made out of. If they are made out of natural fibers such as cotton then your hands will be exposed to much more heat than if they were made out of synthetic materials such as polyester or Kevlar.

Synthetic materials are known for their durability and strength against fire so it makes sense why people would choose these types of gloves over natural fibers like cotton.

Tip: If you want a pair of high quality heat resistant barbecue gloves that will last for years, then synthetic fibers are a good option.

Cuff Length

Another important thing to consider when looking for BBQ gloves is the cuff length. You wouldn’t want to buy a pair of barbecue gloves that are too short and end up burning your arms. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to buy a pair that are too long because they will be very bulky and uncomfortable while cooking.

There are two ways that you can find out how long to buy your gloves, the first way is by measuring your arm length. Most barbecue gloves usually reach just above your wrist. However, if you don’t have a tape measure handy, then it’s best to buy barbecue gloves that match your jacket or coat sleeve length.


How the gloves feel right out of the package. You want them to be soft and form fitting, not stiff or bulky. A good fit will also leave room for your fingers to bend naturally. If you are often working in cold conditions, you want a pair that insulates well. For example, if you use these gloves while grilling, you’ll want gloves that keep your hands warm through the fabric.

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning is an important consideration when choosing barbecue gloves because it separates a quality product from an inferior one. Gloves should be easy to clean so that they don’t retain odors after use. Good barbecue gloves will also come with a hang-up loop that allows them to be stored easily when not in use.


Are BBQ gloves worth it?

It depends on how much you’ll use them. The main reason to buy a pair of gloves is so they don’t ruin your hands while cooking. So if you do it a lot, then yes.

When I say “ruin your hands”, I mean the heat will cause your skin to dry and crack, which is painful and annoying. But if you get them for the right price, then these are the best BBQ gloves for you.

Do BBQ gloves work?

Yes, these work well. They’re made from strong and durable material that won’t fall apart on you after only a few uses. You can use them over and over again without worrying about them falling apart on you or tearing too easily.

Are welding gloves good for BBQ?

Because these are meant for grilling meat, it’s best to use them for grilling meat only. If you try using for something else, like welding, then expect them to fall apart on you quickly because they weren’t designed to withstand high temperatures like that (welding gloves are made from different materials).

Are leather gloves good for BBQ?

Leather gloves are good for BBQ if you want to protect your hands from burns. There is no doubt that they can prevent the painful consequences of touching the hot grill. But it all depends on what you want or need. If you want a glove that allows you to move around freely and feel the heat of the cooking process, then leather is not for you. However, if you’re looking for a glove that will minimize burns, then leather is definitely the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Are you a BBQ enthusiast? Do you know somebody who is one? Do you like to grill foods on your own and are tired of burning your hands or fingers? You need some good BBQ gloves. There are many things to look for when choosing quality BBQ gloves, such as material, weight and heat resistance.

We have used various BBQ gloves on the market and selected some of them which we found best for the purpose. In our reviews, we have mentioned the features of each glove and our opinion about them after conducting this BBQ Gloves test.

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