Best Cast Iron Tea Kettles

9 Best Cast Iron Tea Kettles for 2022

In the world of tea, deciding on your best tea kettle is a personal choice. There are many factors to keep in mind when making this decision, from the shape and size of your hand to whether you prefer a gas stove or an electric stove. In order to help you make this decision more easily, we have compiled a list of some of the top cast iron tea kettles for 2022.

What is Cast Iron Tea Kettle?

A cast iron tea kettle is a type of tea kettle made from cast iron. Simple to use and very durable, this type of teapot is perfect for outdoor use.

If you are looking for a long-lasting and beautiful teapot that will make your cup of tea or coffee taste great, then this type of teapot is the perfect choice for you.

One of the best things about cast iron tea kettles is that they can take a lot of abuse. This makes them perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hunting. They are also great for daily use!

Benefits of Using Cast Iron Tea Kettles

The benefits of using cast iron tea kettles are plenty. They are extremely durable and won’t easily break or break even after numerous years of use.

They are also great at retaining heat which means that your water won’t cool down too quickly when steeped in a cast iron tea kettle.

The only problem with these types of teapots is their weight. Most cast iron tea kettles weigh between 8 and 12 pounds which is more than double of what some modern teapots weigh.

However, if you’re into collecting vintage items and like the idea of using the same teapots that our ancestors did, a cast iron tea kettle might be for you.

Here are our top picks for the best cast iron tea kettles on the market:

The 9 Best Cast Iron Tea Kettles Reviewed

#1 TOPTIER Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle with Stainless Steel Infuser

I am very surprised by the quality of this item. I was looking for something to use in my studio apartment, and when I saw the price, I figured it would be like all the other cheap teapots that break within a few months. It’s not! This is a sturdy, well-made pot that fits just one or two people and looks really pretty on the stovetop. I like that it has a pour spout and you can open the lid with one hand. The only negative thing is that it takes longer to heat water than some other kettles do. But I think that might be because it uses less energy than others, so it doesn’t get quite as hot.

I love this kettle! I have been wanting a pastel colored kettle for a long time. When I saw this one on Amazon, I couldn’t believe it! I ended up buying 3 more for gifts!

The pastel colors are not pictured as vibrantly as they actually are (I use purple), but they are still very beautiful and look great in our kitchen!

This kettle is perfect for our tea parties and also makes a great gift!

#2 Primula Black Hammered Cast Iron Teapot

I love tea, and drink a lot of it. I was looking for a new teapot, so I was excited to try out this Primula Black Hammered Cast Iron Teapot. The aesthetics of the teapot itself are gorgeous- the cast iron is a beautiful black, and the design is simple but striking.

The design of this teapot is also really easy to use. The lid fits on well, and the spout pours smoothly. The handle stays cool even after being on the stove for a while- so you can pour hot water into your cup without burning yourself! It’s also very easy to clean- just wipe it with a wet paper towel or sponge and it’s good as new.

I have been using this Primula Black Hammered Cast Iron Teapot for about a month now, and I am really happy with it. I would recommend this to anyone who loves tea and needs a new teapot!

#3 TOWA Workshop Tetsubin Teapot Cast Iron Japanese Style

This is a beautiful teapot. It’s sturdy, well-designed and well-made. I’ve been using it daily for the past month or so, and nothing has gone wrong or come loose.

The body of the teapot is cast iron, which gives it a nice weight and a good heat capacity. The infuser is stainless steel. The lid is pure copper, with a small hole in the center that lets steam out as you pour your tea. The pouring spout is wide and easy to control, so you can pour your tea into cups with high rims without worrying about spilling.

It’s designed to hold both tea bags and loose tea leaves; the filter included in the box works fine for both types, though if you want to use loose tea you’ll have to buy some sort of strainer separately (the holes in the infuser are too big for tea leaves). The infuser lifts out easily for cleaning; I just rinse it in water after each use and scrub it with a brush if there’s any buildup on it (once every few days).

#4 COOGOU Japanese Style Cast Iron Tea Kettle

If you’re looking for a gift for somebody who loves tea, or if you just want to be prepared for the next time your tea craving hits you at an odd hour, this cast iron tea kettle is a good choice.

This teapot set is made of cast iron, which is good at retaining heat. The teapot has an infuser with a string so you can easily take it out of the pot. The lid has an infuser as well, which helps keep the smell inside the pot after you pour your tea. The teacups are enameled with each pattern having a different color of enamel. This makes them easier to clean because you don’t have to scrub so hard to remove stains.

The only problem is that the pot doesn’t come with a handle warmer as some other teapots do. If you want this set, make sure you have something that will keep the teapot warm on those cold winter days when you’re drinking tea.

#5 Iwachu Japanese Iron Tetsubin Tea Kettle

This 22-ounce teapot is made in Japan and has a removable stainless steel mesh infuser basket. The company, Iwachu, has been making ironware for over 100 years. It is safe for use on all stovetops, including induction cooktops. The coated interior will not rust or discolor from use with tea leaves or other herbs.

The teapot looks good and works as advertised. The stainless steel mesh infuser sits inside the pot without touching the sides of the pot. The handle stays cool enough to pick up with bare hands. I have used this teapot twice, one time to make Chinese oolong tea and once to make English breakfast tea. Both times, it brewed a nice cup of tea that was easy to pour into my cup without dripping or spilling. In both cases, the infuser kept the tea leaves contained while they were steeped in hot water.

I would recommend this item to a friend who enjoys drinking tea.

#6 Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot

The Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot has become a go-to product for tea enthusiasts. Boasting a classic, simple design and a rich, glossy enamel finish, this teapot is the perfect choice for someone who values timeless style.

The teapot holds 11 ounces of liquid and includes a stainless steel infuser. It’s made of cast iron and has a glossy enamel exterior. The infuser is removable for easy cleaning.

The Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot comes highly recommended by owners. One wrote: “I have purchased different types of teapots in the past, but none are as lovely as this one.”

#7 JUEQI 900 ML Old Dutch Cast Iron Tea Kettle

The JUEQI Old Dutch Cast Iron Teapot is designed with a capacity of 29 oz / 900 ml.

The teapot is made from cast iron and enamel coated interior. This means that the teapot will not rust and it is easier to clean than standard materials such as steel, stainless steel, ceramic or glass.

The cast iron teapot distributes heat evenly which enhances the flavor extraction during brewing process. It retains heat well and strengthens the flavor of the tea. The infused leaves are known to give out a fragrant aroma as it infuses into hot water.

This JUEQI Old Dutch teapot has an anti-scalding handle which is made from hemp rope. The ergonomic fold-down handle allows easy grip and easy pouring when serving guests.

#8 Lumaland Tetsubin Hobnail Design 8-Piece Tea Set

It is difficult to find the perfect tea set. I like a design that is elegant, and this set is simple, yet pleasing to the eye. The teapot holds a lot of brewed tea, and it is easy to pour from. The strainer does not let any leaves into the pot. The spout on the teapot prevents splashing and spills. My old tea set was not very nice, so I am glad I found this new one.

The teacups are equally as great as the teapot with its matching saucers. They fit nicely in my hand and they are very comfortable to drink from. The handles are easy to hold when I have both hands full with a snack or some other type of food that needs to be eaten while I drink my tea.

The color of the cast iron sets this tea set apart from others that I had seen in stores.

I love how complete this tea set is – it has everything you need for a nice cup of tea for two people.

#9 Sotya Tetsubin Japanese Tea Kettle

The SOTYA Tetsubin Japanese tea kettle is an excellent choice for anyone that enjoys a cup of tea every day. These kettles are crafted and designed to last a lifetime. They are very well made, and there is nothing about them that is cheap or flimsy.

This particular model has a design that is meant to look like cherry blossom flowers. The picture doesn’t do it justice, however. It is actually quite gorgeous, and you can choose from several different colors if you don’t like the look of cherry blossoms.

The tea kettle also has a stainless steel mesh infuser inside of it, so you can make loose tea or even put in tea bags when necessary. It also has a plastic handle on the top that makes it easy for pouring without burning your fingers.

This tea kettle works very well on gas stoves as well as electric stoves, though it is recommended that you use a low flame. You can even place the tea kettle directly on the flame if need be, but keep in mind that it will get hot quickly and could potentially burn you if you aren’t careful. This tea kettle can also be used on radiant cookers and induction cooktops as well.

Things To Consider When Buying Cast Iron Tea Kettles


Cast iron tea kettles come in various sizes. The range of sizes available is between 1 quart and 4 liters. I would recommend you to buy a kettle that is at least 1 liter or above. A 1 liter kettle will be sufficient to brew 2-3 cups of tea depending on the type of tea you are brewing. You can buy a 2 liter kettle if you want to brew 3-4 cups of tea. If you want to brew more, get a kettle that has more than 2 liters capacity.

Size is important as it determines how many people will be able to drink from it at a time. If you want to use the kettle for commercial purposes then go for one with a bigger capacity.


The appearance of a tea kettle is very important as it will be kept on display in your kitchen all the time. The color and finish, as well as style and shape all matter when choosing a cast iron tea kettle. The style can vary from traditional designs to modern, contemporary styles or even artistic metal sculptures shaped like animals or flowers. You can even get decorative handles that add to the overall look of the tea kettle. Cast iron kettles come in many colors that include black, white, orange, purple and red. Decide on the type of color you want before purchasing a cast iron tea pot as this will help you choose how to style the kettle.


Tea kettles made from cast iron are heavier than any other type of tea kettle. They generally weigh about 4 pounds. If you have problems with your hands, using a heavy kettle can prove to be difficult. Always check the weight of the kettle before purchasing it.


Cast iron is a very durable material. The only issue that you may have with it is rusting if you don’t take care of it properly. If rust occurs, you can easily remove it by using fine grade sandpaper on the rust spots.

Cast iron is extremely easy to maintain and when taken care of, can last for many generations. Cast iron will never go out of style because it always looks good. The classic design of cast iron tea kettles makes them look beautiful in every kitchen.


Tea kettles can rust if not properly cared for so check the material used for the body of the kettle before purchasing it. Look for any rust spots and other signs of wear and tear before buying a kettle as this would mean that the kettle has already started rusting from the inside out and would need replacement soonest possible time.


A good lid is essential for several reasons. The most obvious reason is to keep the heat in and avoid having the water boil over. However, the lid can also be used as an infuser if it has some form of hook or handle on it. This makes it much easier for you to remove any loose leaves or herbs from your water once it has been brought to a boil.


Cast iron tea kettles come with different types of handles. Pouring handles on cast iron tea kettles should be long enough to allow you to pour the hot water without burning your hands. Some handles have ergonomic features like a hole or a curved spout that help to avoid burns during use. Some even have shoulder rests that make carrying the kettle easy.


The next thing that you will want to think about is the style of the tea kettle. You can buy tea kettles in almost any style and color that you might want. The style and color will be up to your personal preference, but make sure that you choose something that compliments your kitchen.

Finally, make sure that when choosing a cast iron tea kettle, you look into the benefits of using cast iron as opposed to other materials like stainless steel or aluminum. Cast iron is much heavier than these materials and therefore will heat slower, but it will hold heat longer and distribute it better throughout your water. This is important if you like hot tea or if you like your water piping hot. Cast iron is also more durable than these other materials so this can be important if you need a sturdy, long lasting tea kettle for everyday use.


1. Is a cast iron kettle good?

Yes? Cast iron tea kettle is really good. Here are some reasons why I think a cast iron kettle is good: They’re not only beautiful but also useful and durable. They’re great for the kitchen and make hot water quickly. And they’re nice to look at! If you want one for your kitchen, you should consider getting one that has a long handle for easy handling and pouring. You can burn food easily if you don’t use a long handle because it gets too hot under the handle.

Another reason why cast iron kettles are good is they’re safe to clean. A lot of people worry about whether it’s safe to clean them in the dishwasher but they actually do get cleaned by the dishwasher. It’s important to dry them well before putting them away though because water on an iron kettle will cause rusting.

2. Are cast iron teapots healthy?

Cast iron is said to be healthier than teapots made of other materials. Cast iron is porous and allows the water to seep through the metal, drawing out some of the chemicals that may have been present in the water. This can help remove any traces of lead or copper that may be in your tap water. Some also believe that adding herbs or flowers to your hot water will add benefits, such as a smoother taste or additional health benefits.

Cast iron teapots are also easy to clean, which can eliminate bacteria or other contaminants that can accumulate on teapots made of other materials. A simple wipe with a sponge after each use can prevent the growth of mold and mildew that might otherwise require more extensive cleaning.


If you are going to buy a kettle simply because it is of the highest quality, then you should probably go ahead and pick up the enameled cast iron teapot. This product has long been recognized as one of the best kettles around, which means this one is quite likely to live a very long life under your ownership. It will always retain its quality regardless of how rough use might be and it will always serve you well with every cup of tea you make.

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