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Best Grill Table: Top 8 Outdoor Grill Prep BBQ Tables of 2022

As the weather starts to get warmer each year, you will notice more and more people spending their free time outside in the yard grilling. There are many different types of grill tables available to purchase when shopping around for this equipment, so it can be challenging to know which type would work best in your home.

If you are looking for a sturdy table that provides an extra side or prep surface while cooking something up on one of your barbecues, here is a list of the 8 best grill table options you should consider before making your selection

What Is A Grill Table And Why Do You Need One?

A grill table is a great addition to any barbeque or grilling area in your house. A grill table provides an elevated surface that puts everything within easy reach when cooking or serving food.

It also protects the surfaces underneath from dirt, grease and spills that may occur during use of the grill. The best grill tables are large enough to accommodate food preparation, mixing bowls, sauces and cutting boards along with propane tanks for outdoor cooking appliances.

Having all of your tools in one place will make it easier for you when hosting many guests at once. This makes them ideal for entertaining.

They’re perfect for parties where there are lots of people helping out in the kitchen! Grill tables can be used almost anywhere – on patios, balconies and porches or in garages and sheds. They can be placed on any flat surface and will not damage the floor below.

Who Might Use It?

  • A grill table is very useful for people with large families, busy work schedules and social lives.
  • It’s also perfect for those who frequently host parties, barbeques and other get-togethers where lots of food preparation needs to be done at once. Cooking outdoors doesn’t have to mean less convenience than cooking indoors!
  • If you’re hosting an outdoor event this summer, a grill table can make your life much easier when cooking for multiple guests!
  • Grill tables are great for picnics and tailgating events as well – they provide a place to prepare food before heading out and cooking on the go. Whether it’s for a family picnic or a neighborhood barbeque, having a grill table makes everything better!

The Best Grill Table Reviewed

1. Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table and Storage Cabinet

The Keter Unity XL storage cabinet is a durable portable grill table and cabinet with polypropylene construction. Unlike real wood, our all-weather design will not rust or dent in inclement weather. The weather-resistant resin ensures that your furniture will withstand any storm you face outside.

The 54 gallons of interior storage capacity is coupled by the 24 open gallon capacity for a total of 78 gallons of space to store anything from ladders, chairs, to camping gear. With its cleverly designed doors that fold down into the table top this piece serves as an extra workstation or help desk when assembled with another piece!

Includes two side bars for paper towel or hook holder with 4 hook hangers, spice rack and bottle opener so you can slide in essentials while preparing great foods.

The table’s easy-to-clean stainless steel surface also converts into an outdoor BBQ grill cart when paired with one of our grills (not included), making it perfect for an aspirational hike menu to cook over the campfire! With wheels on all four corners, this table is also easy to move around where needed – meaning it can function as both your dining room picnic table too.

2. Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take Along Grill Stand

The Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take Along Grill Stand is perfect for tailgating, late night BBQs, picnics with family and friends! The two side tables have plenty of room for snacks while the grill grates are adjustable to cook anything from hot dogs to steak! Comes with a storage shelf that keeps your cooler out of the way.

No tools required for set up – unfolds in seconds without any hassles. A foldable design makes this grill very easy to transport with an included carrying handle which slides into place for convenient transportation.

This heavy-duty grill stand sets up in seconds, making it super easy to pack for areas where grills are prohibited. Features 8 convenient hooks for tools and 6 drink holders so you never have to worry about spilled drinks again.

The lightweight aluminum frame folds into its own large carrying strap for ultimate portability without hassle. With Cuisinart’s Take Along Grill support your living spaces deliver no burnouts on indoor surfaces when cooking outside this season!

Inspired by culinary talents all around the world – Cuisinart® is dedicated to providing revolutionary cooking products that make every meal feel like an authentic gourmet experience.

3. NUUK Double-Shelf Movable Outdoor BBQ Table Grill

The NUUK Double-Shelf Movable Outdoor Worktable is a modern, elegant addition to your BBQ party. It’s sturdy enough for even the heaviest tasks while still being safe and easy on your back! The side hooks enable you to hang tools while the grid shelf at the bottom of this portable food prep table provides more storage space for all of your kitchen needs.

It has a stylish black metal surface which is made from upstanding stainless steel with a durable pipe structure beneath it that strengthens each leg manifold. Be sure not to sacrifice quality when choosing your next commercial food prep table because this is your ticket to complete and professional kitchens during your next event.

NUUK’s Outdoor Work Table is a strong and durable choice. With two lockable wheels for safety in high-traction areas, the ergonomic pusher design makes pushing heavy loads easy on you, without sacrificing strength or effort. The patented mesh surface lets any dirt fall right through. Now you can avoid working with greasy strainers and containers just because they’re outside!

Working from sun up to sundown? This movable grill table will turn cooking and prepping out of the kitchen into an outdoor affair for everyone!

4. Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Movable Outdoor Grill Cart

The Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Movable Dining Cart Table is a great choice for catering, street food vendors, rodizios, and the like. This table is intended to be placed in open-air setting with ease of portability and versatility enough to support gas cylinder 20 lbs on one side and create ample workspace on the other.

With 3 multifunctional tool hooks, this bbq cart also provides plenty of storage for cooking tools such as brushes or scoops. Designed for easy cleaning up at the end of the event by simply wiping down with soap and water so you can free your time from scrubbing every inch of this kitchen cart. A durable frame made of high-grade steel makes it top priority investment that will provide great use over time.

The Royal Gourmet Grill Table is perfect for those looking to entertain a whole family outside their house with a large meal, or for someone with patios and decks that will not accommodate a pre-existing dining set. The tabletop measures 659 sq. in., so it has enough room to offer space for all of your plates, bowls, cups, and utensils without getting cramped on the surface of your table!

There are also two shelves underneath the tabletop which you can use as extra storage–talk about living more conveniently at home! This exquisite cantilever workable design features wheels that make scooting around garden parties super easy; rugged steel frames ensure you’ll never miss those glassware and flatware pieces, and a beautiful antique brown color makes it easy to match any decor or theme your family wants.

The table is also extremely durable and lightweight, so you can move it with ease throughout the year if necessary.

5. Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table

Camco’s Deluxe Folding Grill Table gives you all the space you need for your grilling equipment and camping cookware with it’s durable steel frame deck, aluminum tabletop, and plenty of hooks. Ready to go in less than a minute so you can start cooking wherever you are, Camco’s Deluxe Folding Grill Table folds up compactly when not in use so it never gets in the way.

The large tabletop has room enough for all of your food prep tools including knives and cutting boards as well as hooks on both sides to hang pots or other valuable utensils that provide valuable storage space.

For easy transport, Camco includes an included carry bag that zips closed to protect this valuable goods against dirt or rocks during transport – the carrying bag also includes a shoulder strap for added convenience.

A perfect addition to your camping equipment the Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table makes it easy to get out camping and enjoy all of the comforts of home.

6. Giantex Portable Outdoor Grill Prep Table

The Giantex portable camping grill table is an outdoor cooking center that will turn your next outing into a pleasant experience. This large tabletop on the market measures 48” x 21.5’, giving you plenty of space to work with. Not only does this table have ample size, it also has all the features necessary for high-quality grilling.

This includes an adjustable height windscreen mesh cover for protection against gusts and kids, as well as stability during use using a durable oxford fabric covered steel frame that can hold up to 55 lbs without buckling under pressure!

With a side storage compartment for any important items needed at hand, flexible conversion from water basin to cutting board for various ways of preparing food throughout mealtime, and two sturdy grill skewers, get ready for an easy cooking experience that will leave you with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the company during your next camping trip!

7. GCI Outdoor 15026 Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station

Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with this GCI Outdoor Portable Grill Table! The folding camp table brings the kitchen outside with enough counter and storage space to accommodate your camp kitchen equipment, cooking utensils, and cookware. You can also store grilling tools on the metal rack that slides out from underneath the tabletop.

This well-designed outdoor table is crafted of powder coated steel for strength and won’t rust under harsh conditions. Constructed of 1 piece, it easily folds up into a compact size so you can take it camping or tailgating without hassle. This portable grill table has four fold-out side tables for extra prep space when needed. It features a heat resistant aluminum countertop (48 lbs weight limit) for easy food preparation and a lower storage shelf.

This table folds up easily to be transported from the back yard to any destination. It supports up to 300 pounds, so it can stand up to some of those bigger gatherings you may have planned. The SLIM-FOLD Cook Station designed with SLIM-FOLD Technology has an aluminum countertop as well as many different features such as beverage holders, stem glass holders and hooks that can be used as a garbage bag holder or for hanging cooking utensils on.

This durable, little table won’t disappoint with its several convenient features that come in handy during parties or while tailgating at sporting events. The SLIM-FOLD Cook Station is a versatile table that can serve many purposes and still manages to be very easy to transport without taking up much space in your vehicle.

8. REDCAMP Folding Portable Grill Table 

The Redcamp folding portable grill table is made with solid, high-quality materials for superior durability. With the X-shape side support and secure latch to ensure stable use, you can now enjoy your BBQs with this handy folding outdoor grill table set. It’s small enough to store in your car or bring it along on camping trips. For any intelligent person looking for a solid survival kit that includes all the necessities, this product is for you!

The aluminum frame of the Redcamp folding product comes coated in powder paint with solid construction making it sturdy and long lasting even after heavy use outdoors. Simply fold up packable grill table when not in use by pushing down legs against the tabletop; it’s easy to assemble using only one hand.

The table can be folded into a suitcase with a soft handle and security latch make carrying more safe for this professionally scaled to fit tables of various sizes.

It literally takes you seconds to set up or break down, so it’s perfect for your next BBQ, grilling event (with extra counter space) or camping getaway! Use collapsing design, high quality material construction and convenient fold out handles that allow you transport without too much trouble. The lightweight grill table is made from polyester fabric which makes it nice and sturdy.

What To Look For In A Grill Table


One of the most important aspects of buying a grill table is to consider what material you want it to be made of. There are some good and bad points for each material:

  • Aluminium: light, portable and quite sturdy. However, they can rust fairly easily and the heat from the coals will not dissipate very well so it may get hot and uncomfortable to touch after a while.
  • Steel: heavy but fairly durable, no risk of rusting until exposed to water over long periods. They hold their temperature much better than aluminium tables meaning everyone can enjoy them without burning themselves on the metal frame or feeling too cold after sitting in contact with it for long periods.
  • Cast Iron: extremely sturdy but extremely heavy. These tables will last a long time and overall offer a very high-quality product. However, this also means that they are quite cumbersome to move around. It is worth noting that these tables can rust if not used for long periods of time so it is important to brush the table free from debris before use as salty sand can corrode the surface.


This is another one of the main features you should look out for when shopping for a grill table as it affects how easy it will be to cook on and what height you’ll have to stand at during cooking. For big barbeques where multiple people are cooking, a higher grill table may be necessary but otherwise low tables might be more comfortable for everyone involved. Remember that taller tables need more sturdy legs to support the weight of standing cooks.


The legs are one of the most important parts when it comes to choosing a grill table as they hold everything up and need to be very strong in order not to buckle under the weight or constant use. The best type of leg is usually made from steel and features multiple bars that spread outwards at different angles, this provides more stability than if they were all placed in a single line. Make sure these legs do not puncture the surface of your decking so you can walk over them without worrying about falling through!


The most preferable material for surfaces on both sides would be some form of heat-resistant but waterproof materials such as stone or terracotta tiles.

This allows you to use the table for many different things, especially if you can cover it with a tarpaulin or something similar when not in the middle of cooking. Other materials such as cork and hardboard may be more comfortable but they will not last nearly as long over time. Consider what surfaces would benefit your household the most before committing to anything!


The best grill tables are easy to clean and do not need a lot of extra tools to ensure a good result. When purchasing a table it is important to check that the legs can be removed from the surface as this will mean they are easier to reach for most people. You should also consider how easily you can remove any grease or debris from both the top and bottom of the table as this will help keep your grill cleaner for longer. In addition, it is worth checking that cleaning products such as oven cleaner won’t remove the paint on the top of your table (and elsewhere) because some chemicals can damage certain surfaces like steel or aluminum.

BBQ Grill Table FAQs

Do I need to buy a grill table or can I just use my current garden furniture?

If you’re looking for something that will last then buying the best quality grill table for your needs is definitely worth considering. Folding tables often don’t offer as much space (or weight capacity) as proper freestanding units and there are some cheaper alternatives on the market that may not be safe to use with hot burners. Decide what you want from your new grill table first, look at which features are most important to you, before making a decision.

What accessories should I use with my grill table?

A variety of accessories can help make cooking easier and keep your deck clean! You’ll need to decide what type of food you plan on cooking before choosing any specific accessories but it is worth noting that some are only applicable for grills while others are mainly just suited towards cookware. The most common accessory used with many types of grill tables is the adjustable height stand which enables you to position the grill at an elevated height. This not only helps gas pressure but makes grilling easier when you’re cooking food that needs a lower heat to cook properly. You’ll also need a grill mat in order to prevent any damage to the table and stop anything from falling through the gaps between the slats, one of these mats will generally last for around 5-6 years depending on how well you look after them.

How are grill tables different from other tables?

Grill tables are generally more expensive than normal, everyday tables because they are made with high quality materials to stand up under the heat of a barbecue. Grill tables also come in different shapes and sizes, depending on their purpose and how many people they can seat. These types of grills can either be permanent or collapsible, and most have attached benches that fold out into place for use.

Are there any precautions I should take when using a grill table?

Always check the instructions before assembling the table to ensure everything is correct – even first-time users should double check this first step to avoid any issues during the first usage. When you are finished using it, be sure to disassemble and store properly so that it doesn’t rust over time. There is nothing worse than putting something together only to find out later that the material isn’t meant for outdoor use! Never leave your grill unattended – safety should always come first, no matter what you’re cooking outside on the grill table.


You already know that grilling is great. You’ve found your favorite marinades and you know how to flip a burger just right. So, what’s the next step? A grill table! Grill tables are basically small portable grills with legs on them; they can be used almost anywhere, but most people prefer having them outdoors. Sometimes they come with convenient little extras like built-in sinks or built-in cutting boards, but they all do one very important job: they turn any available surface into a functional outdoor kitchen.

Grill tables are perfect for balconies, patios, backyards, camping trips—basically anywhere there isn’t space enough for both an indoor and an outdoor kitchen. Not only do grill tables have a much smaller footprint than even the most minimal of outdoor grills, but they also look great when not in use! So get your grill on and enjoy all that cooking outdoors has to offer.

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