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BBQ Table

What Is A BBQ Table And Everything You Should Know

A BBQ table is a must-have for any backyard cook. It’s the perfect spot to do some barbecue, grilling, or even baking in the summertime. You can find tables that are made of cedar wood with a stainless steel top and butcher block legs, or you can purchase one that has an aluminum frame with tempered glass panels. Keep reading to learn more about what makes these tables so great!

What Is A BBQ Table?

A BBQ table, also known as an outdoor dining table, is a versatile item of furniture that can be easily taken to BBQs and picnics. They are normally made of wooden planks or metal rods with an attached fire pit underneath (or in some cases lighting panels). BBQ tables give the BBQ experience a more relaxed atmosphere as they provide somewhere for people to sit down and socialize while their food is cooking on the BBQ. For those attending events where BBQ tables are present it is advised that you bring your own chair as they will not always come included within the BBQ table price.

There are many different types of BBQ table available on the market today, however commonly these include:

  1. Standard BBQ Table – A standard barbecue table is generally made of wooden planks or metal rods, with an attached fire pit that can reach high temperatures (up to 1000 degrees Celsius) for BBQing meat.
  2. BBQ Party Table – A BBQ party table is commonly made from rubberized metal bars containing a gas BBQ grill for cooking meat. These BBQ tables are designed to accommodate large groups of people and are often used at events such as weddings where guests may all want to eat together.
  3. 2 in 1 BBQ/Picnic Table – As the name suggests these BBQ tables contain two different features; one side houses a BBQ grill while the other provides seating space underneath an umbrella for shade on sunny days. This type of BBQ table is perfect for small gardens or balconies where you only have a limited amount of space.
  4. BBQ Grill Table – A BBQ grill table is a BBQ table that also contains an attached BBQ grill for cooking. These BBQ tables can be detached easily from the legs and used as a stand alone BBQ grill, perfect for taking to BBQs or picnics where you may not have access to your own BBQ space.

Why Do I Need One?

A BBQ table is a great addition to any backyard BBQ or get together. They provide additional space at BBQs and picnics for people to sit down while their food cooks on the BBQ grill. BBQ tables can be used in a variety of different ways depending upon your needs, they are designed to be portable and easy-to-setup so you can quickly switch from BBQing to eating without having to bring your BBQ indoors. Overall a BBQ table makes BBQs more enjoyable by adding seating space, allowing people greater freedom when socialising whilst cooking their BBQ food. See the Best Grill Table

Who Might Need One?

Anyone who plans on hosting BBQs or picnics would greatly benefit from purchasing one of these versatile barbecue tables. Many BBQ tables range anywhere from $150 to over $500+ depending on the BBQ table you choose. Due to their relatively low cost BBQ tables are very popular with BBQ enthusiasts and can be found at many BBQ events such as state fairs, BBQ competitions etc.

How To Choose The Best Bbq Table For You

When choosing BBQ tables there are a few important things you should consider such as:

  1. BBQ space – How much BBQing space do you need? What is the total BBQ surface area that will be required for BBQ cooking food at your BBQ or picnic? Keep in mind that BBQ tables with large BBQ spaces and more surfaces to rest your meat on tend to be more expensive (and sometimes heavier and larger). When choosing a BBQ table size also take into account where you plan to place it. If you intend to place the BBQ table near the entrance of your house then it might be worth considering purchasing a 2 in 1 table so that when not hosting outdoor BBQs it can easily double up as an everyday dining table.
  2. Design – Examine BBQ tables closely to determine which BBQ table design best suits your BBQing needs. Some BBQ tables are designed to only BBQ meat while others also incorporate additional features such as picnic benches or an umbrella for shade.
  3. Price – How much are you willing to pay for your BBQ table? BBQ tables range anywhere from $150 upwards, however if you wish to purchase a very specific BBQ table it may cost over $500+. Luckily many BBQ tables can be purchased in cheaper bundles (often with chairs) so keep this option in mind when shopping around for the perfect BBQ table.
  4. Ease of setup/portability – One important factor that customers should consider is the ease at which they can set up their BBQ table and take it apart again when not in use. BBQ tables can range from easy to assemble/disassemble requiring only a few screws to very complex BBQ tables with many parts that require heavy-duty equipment to take apart and put back together. If you are willing to pay slightly more you should be able find BBQ tables with great portability features such as small wheels on the base of the BBQ table or folding legs.

FAQs about BBQ tables

What kind of BBQ table do I need?

– BBQ grill tables are perfect for BBQ enthusiasts who like to take their BBQ food with them to BBQs or picnics. They provide extra BBQ space and surfaces for resting your meat on while cooking at the same time as providing seating for BBQ guests to socialize around. These BBQ tables can be removed from the legs and used separate from the legs (when detached they make great stand alone BBQ grills). The cheapest BBQ grill tables can cost as little as $150 whereas very specific and large BBQ grill tables can cost upwards of $500+.

– If you don’t plan on hosting many outdoor picnics and BBQs then it may not be worth purchasing a 2 in 1 design BBQ table. BBQ tables with only BBQ cooking space are often cheaper and may be more useful to you depending on your BBQing needs.

– BBQ grill tables range anywhere from $150 upwards however if you wish to purchase a very specific BBQ table it may cost over $500+. Luckily many BBQ tables can be purchased in cheaper bundles (often with chairs) so keep this option in mind when shopping around for the perfect BBQ table.

What is included in my BBQ table?

Depending on which BBQ table design suits your specific needs will depend on what comes standard with your BBQ table package deal. Most BBQ tables come included with chairs but some also come completely pre-assembled without any additional accessories whereas others require self assembly before use. The majority of BBQ tables can also be detached from the BBQ legs to make BBQ grills (depending on the BBQ table design). Some BBQ tables come included with umbrella’s for shade which is perfect if you live in a hot climate and don’t want your BBQ guests getting sun burnt.

Are BBQ tables hard to setup?

Depending on how complex your BBQ table is will largely depend on how difficult it is to assemble. If you are purchasing a BBQ grill table then assembly may not be particularly difficult however if you are purchasing a 2 in 1 BBQ table with picnic benches or an umbrella attached it may be worth checking that assembling these additional features does not require too much effort as they are often quite heavy. The most important thing about BBQing is being able to enjoy yourself and BBQ with friends and family so if you are looking for a BBQ table for regular BBQs then ensuring your BBQ table is easy to assemble is key.

How long will my BBQ table last?

If well maintained most BBQ tables can be used year after year. If you purchase a BBQ grill table ensure that you always keep it clean by hosing it down after use, this is especially important if there are heat plates on the underside of the BBQ grill as these can become dirty very quickly. If you are purchasing BBQ tables with umbrella’s ensure that the BBQ table does not get too hot for the umbrella material which can cause color fade or melting. As most BBQ tables are made from steel they should have no problem lasting over 10 years however depending on how often BBQs are hosted at your BBQ table it may require repair or replacing of the BBQ legs over time. If you purchase BBQ tables with BBQ legs that can be removed this also means that they can simply be replaced if damaged.

What kind of BBQ grills should I use on my BBQ table?

The best BBQ grill for your BBQ table will entirely depend on the size and design of your BBQ but generally speaking most BBQ tables come supplied with adjustable height BBQ grills however these tend to only go so low/high so depending on what you are trying to cook using a standard fixed height BBQ grill is likely advised. Keep in mind that higher levels of heat require larger distances between your meat and the hot plate which will either mean an adjustable BBQ grill or BBQ stand. BBQ tables with adjustable BBQ grills will also likely have a dial on the BBQ legs to adjust height accordingly whereas BBQ tables with fixed BBQ grills may not have this function. Some BBQ table designs come supplied with a deep, flat plate for cooking larger items such as whole chickens or ribs.

What is the best material for a BBQ table?

The best material for your BBQ table will largely depend on how often it is used and what climates you host outdoor BBQs in regularly. If you live in a very hot climate then aluminum needs to be considered as it conducts heat well and will resist rusting over time however if you live in a wet/rainy climate regular steel BBQ tables are likely advised as they are more water resistant which will prevent rusting or BBQ table deterioration. If you BBQ regularly then investing in BBQ tables made from durable, high grade materials such as aluminum is advised for best BBQ table longevity.

Are BBQ tables expensive?

BBQ tables vary massively in price depending on the material, design and additional features. A basic BBQ grill with adjustable BBQ grills may be around $100 whereas BBQ tables with added picnic benches can reach up to over $1k if they are designed by the most premium of outdoor BBQ brands. As always it’s worth checking reviews of any product you are considering purchasing to make sure your money is well spent on a quality product that will last many years rather than one that will deteriorate quickly after using it once or twice.


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