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Best Sausage Stuffers

10 Best Sausage Stuffers: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned sausage maker or just getting started, finding the best sausage stuffer is key to producing high-quality sausages. There are a variety of options on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll give you a breakdown of the different types of sausage stuffers and help you decide which one is best for your needs. So, whether you’re in the market for an electric or manual sausage stuffer, read on for our top recommendations!

Best Sausage Stuffers Review

LEM Products 1606 5-Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer

A vertical sausage stuffer is great for anyone that wants to make snack sticks or sausage with ease. All you need to do is clamp the stuffer to a table or countertop and crank out perfect sausage every time. The LEM Products 1606 5-Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer has many features that make it effective and long lasting.

It is made of 100% stainless steel, including the base and cylinder stores all metal gears, and covers are now over the gears to protect them (this makes it more durable). It includes 3 plastic stuffing tubes: 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ ID (11/16″, 7/8″, 1″ OD).

Getting your hands messy from filling the casings is no longer an issue with this stuffer because it has a release valve that pushes air out the top instead of into the casing. These features allow you to focus more time on doing what you love most, creating meat products for your family and friends. The LEM 1606 5-Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer is well worth the price because it makes food preparation easy and fun without sacrificing quality or safety.

What we liked:

  • Stainless steel base and cylinder for durability
  • 3 plastic stuffing tubes: 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ ID (11/16″, 7/8″, 1″ OD)
  • Easy to crank handle
  • Crank handle rotates 360 degrees for easy loading, unloading, and changing of the stuffing tubes.

Super Deal Sausage Filler Sausage Stuffer

The Super Deal Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer is for easy stuffing of all your ground meat into long links. It is tried and true, tried with sturdiness in mind to ensure it is able to withstand the rigors of everyday kitchen use without falling apart. You can customize your sausages this way by choosing the casing thickness you want, be they 13mm diameter sausage or 18cm! Comes with 4 nozzles in the base and one hook to stop it from slipping when in use. It has a stainless steel casing and can be cleaned quickly.

We recommend this product because of its durability that goes into making sausages every day without fear of wear and tear such as rusting. The meat does not take much time to set inside especially if you have minced it correctly before placing it in the machine. Cleaning is also easy because it comes with four rubberized nozzles at the bottom for stability while using it and an extra hook to hold onto so that you do not put too much pressure on your wrists while doing so. Also, left-handed people can use it without any trouble, I have seen that in some reviews before getting this product.

What we liked:

  • Sturdiness
  • Ease of use for both right and left handers, since the handle’s ergonomic design makes it seem like an extension of your hand
  • Customizable meat sizes to suit sausages you need.
  • Easy to clean for thorough cleaning.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel, ensures durability and strength over time.

LEM Products 1112 Big Bite 10-Pound Stainless Steel Dual Gear Vertical Sausage Stuffer

Lem Products Big Bite Vertical Sausage Stuffer is a sausage maker that has four different sizes of nozzles for stuffing. It also comes with metal gears that give you the ability to control two speeds. You can select between quick and slow filling speed based on your preferences, which gives you with the power to stuff sausages as quickly or slowly as you want.

The non-slip handle provides comfort and enables 90 degrees of tilting while cranking, ensuring it’s easy to make perfect sausages every time! For storage purposes – there is a cylinder for storing meat below the machine, but some may find it difficult cleaning this after they’ve made their sausages due to its location near ground level.

What we liked:

  • Vertical sausage stuffer, great for filling your favorite snacks up vertically.
  • Strong stainless steel construction provides durability and makes it easy to keep clean.
  • Ergonomic handle with 90-degree angle will make it easier to crank the meat into the machine.
  • Air release valve facilitates smooth flow of sausage filling through the device.

LEM Products 1606 5-Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer

The LEM Products 1606 Vertical Sausage Stuffer is one of the best sausage stuffers on the market. This machine has all the features you could need to make your sausages quickly and easily with high efficiency. The gears are made from carbon steel which prevents corrosion, slippage and provides for precise packing of the meat.

The piston is equipped with an air-release valve that can stop the accumulation of air and prevent overheating in case there are any issues during use. There are three nozzles of different sizes so you can choose whichever size suits your needs best at any given time while also being able to swivel off the cylinder for easy cleaning. The cylinder is large and can be used to fill up to 5 pounds of meat.

For additional protection of the gears, there’s an air-release valve as well as a gearbox cover that will allow the equipment to run with high reliability for a long time. There are two strong clamps included so you won’t need to drill holes into your table. This product is made of stainless steel and offers great durability and efficiency overall. It also comes at a cheap price and has no major flaws present.

What we liked:

  • The gears are made from carbon steel which prevents corrosion, slippage and provides for precise packing of the meat.
  • There are three nozzles of different sizes as well as a swivel cylinder that can be removed to make washing easier.
  • There are two strong clamps to secure the contents in place against the countertop without having to drill holes into it.

KitchenAid Sausage Stuffer Kit Attachment

The KitchenAid Sausage Stuffer is a grinding machine with an extremely powerful motor that is able to grind meat and make sausages. It’s easy to use, just attach the tube filler and place it on top of the sausage casing which you can then fill up with ground meat. The tubes are made from plastic so they’re safe for dishwashing as well as hot water washing. There are two kinds of sausage casings: both large and small sausages.

The trays and tubes are made from plastic so they need to be handled carefully because they’re easily damaged if dropped or mishandled in any way. We also recommend not using this product without reading the instructions first because there’s always a risk of injury when operating heavy machinery.

What we liked:

  • Powerful grinder for grinding your own meats
  • Attachable food tray with three different slicing grids ( fine, medium, and coarse)
  • Comes with 2 sausage funnels: small and large
  • Tube filler for simple sausaging of meat, cheese, and other fillings

Weston Vertical Sausage Stuffer

The Weston Vertical Sausage Stuffer is a manual machine intended for heavy duty applications and capable of holding up to 7 pounds of sausage. It can be easily slid to the side for filling and removed to wash thoroughly, making cleaning quick and easy. The frame consists of premium stainless steel that has been coated with a smooth gleaming finish.

This low-maintenance machine comes with either two different speed settings or four corresponding nozzles so you can make various types of sausages including summer sausages, luncheon meats, pepperoni sticks, etc.). It includes a piston with an air release valve and also four sizes of stainless steel stuffing tubes. The Weston Vertical Sausage Stuffer is durable, efficient, and built to last.

What we liked:

  • 15-pound canister capacity
  • Frame constructed of premium stainless steel with a smooth polished finish
  • Two different speed settings or four corresponding nozzles
  • Makes sausages including summer sausages, luncheon meats, pepperoni sticks, etc.

AAOBOSI Electric Sausage Stuffer and Grinder

The Aobosi 3-IN-1 Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer is a kitchen gadget that includes three stainless steel blades, which can be used to mince the meat before making sausages. The machine also has an efficient motor and comes with a reverse button that releases the meat after it gets stuck in the machine.

It’s possible to make any kind of sausage made of any type of meat using this cutting blade machine, but you must clean it with water and mild detergent as its parts are not dishwasher safe. For long lasting service from your cutting blades, apply some vegetable oil following cleaning. Keep in mind that this high-speed cutting tool has sharp blades and works at a rapid pace.

What we liked:

  • 3-in-1 kitchen tool: use it to grind meat, make sausages and Kubbe
  • High speed motor: makes sausage in a matter of minutes
  • Stainless steel blades: create sausages from any type of meat
  • Includes reverse button: releases jammed meats after they get stuck
  • Cleaning brush included: easily removes leftover pieces from the grinder

Cofun Meat Grinder Attachment for Kitchenaid Stand Mixers

Sausages are beloved by children and require lots of effort to create them. The Cofun Food Grinder makes the process simple since it includes two cutting blades that chop the meat properly before placing it into the tube for sausage. This stuffer is easy to put together and take apart, making cleaning an easier task than ever before! We also love that this food grinder comes with 2 sausage filler tubes so you can create your desired shape, as well as an animal mincer so you can prepare other dishes too! It is equipped with high quality plastic which ensures that all of parts are durable, dishwasher-safe for quick clean up time after each use but must be dried immediately after washing or they will crack. One of the things we love most about this food grinder is that it can be used to create other dishes, making it a versatile tool in your kitchen. The animal mincer allows you to prepare meat dishes for your family with ease!

What we liked:

  • Two sausage filler tubes
  • Two cutting blades
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Animal mincer can create other dishes
  • All components are simple to clean and simple to put together/take apart for storage.
  • High quality plastic ensures durability and dishwasher-safety.
  • The product can be used as a stand alone tool or attachable to other products such as the electric meat grinder.

KNOME Metal Food Grinder

If you are looking for a way to make cooking easier, then the KENOME sausage stuffer might be just what you need. This product is made from high-quality materials and comes with two different stuffing tubes so that you can create your own sausages or chorizo. The sausage stuffer will ensure that your kitchen stays clean by reducing the mess of crushing the meat into small pieces with your hands. Plus, if anything goes wrong, it’s easy to disassemble and remove the components of this device.

The best part about a sausage grinder that also doubles as a sausage stuffer is the fact that you can now make your own sausages from scratch. The KENOME factory brings together every component needed to make your very own sausages, from the metal gears to the powerful motor and even two different stuffing tubes for making snacks such as summer sausages or chorizo.

What we liked:

  • This product will make your cooking time much easier as you don’t need to separate the meat before hand.
  • All components needed to make sausages are included, such as metal gears and a powerful motor.
  • Sausages can be made with little effort, as this product has two stuffing tubes.
  • Disassembling the KENOME sausage stuffer is easy so you can clean it properly.

AICOK 3-in-1 Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer

AICOK 3-in-1 Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer is the best. This sausage stuffer with two different kinds of cutting plates to give the type of sausage that you want. It also comes with a reverse function that allows it that lets the meat loose when it is stuck to the blades. It also has an incredibly quick motor, which guarantees that the process will go smoothly.

The sausage tubes are composed of plastic and must be handled with care; nevertheless, all other components should be cleaned in lukewarm water using mild soap or detergent to prevent damage, while tiny brushes should be used for cleaning any meat left on inside tubes. This equipment also has a mincing plate which turns the machine into a three-in-one kitchen appliance.

What we liked:

  • It comes with three different sausage tubes
  • A mincer and kubbe maker is included
  • Two cutting plates are equipped for making sausages of different shapes.
  • It has a reverse function that frees meat stuck to blades
  • The 3-in-1 functionality allows it to be used as meat mincer/reverser

Why Should You Buy A Sausage Stuffer

The first reason you need to have a sausage stuffer is that it can be used as a hand crank or electric sausage stuffer. This means that you do not have to attach the device as an accessory to another appliance, such as a meat grinder or standing mixer. In other words, this means that it does not have the limitations of its attachments and has overall more control than those types of sausage manufacturing tools.

Another benefit of having a sausage stuffer is that it allows you to stuff larger quantities of sausages more quickly. Essentially, this will allow for much less time spent stuffing sausages and free up more time for other tasks within your convenience store.

One of the most appealing and useful characteristics of a sausage stuffer is the air release valve. As the mixture is pushed from the cylinder to the nozzle, the air release valve allows it to escape. When you use your sausage stuffer, pressurized sausage mixture will be injected into your casing connected to your nozzle, resulting in a smooth and uniform substance.

Best Sausage Stuffer Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea on what to look for when it comes to the best sausage stuffer, here are some of the factors to consider.

Ease of Use

The first factor would be ease of use.

You want a sausage stuffer that is easy enough for your child to handle without any hassles attaching the base plate and stuffing tube as well as mixing up your ground beef.

Even if you’re experienced with making sausages, it should still be simple enough where you can easily clean up after using it as well as storage when not in use during non-meat seasons.


Another factor would be safety. Your kids will probably help out, therefore it needs to be safe enough that they can handle it.

You want a sausage stuffer that is safe enough to keep your children out of harm’s reach while making sausages. It should be strong, non-toxic and last for many years.

For example, using the plastic models are best when you have young children in the home since these are not as durable compared to their stainless steel counterparts. Even if you don’t have children who help you make sausages, this would still be an important factor to consider.


The configuration of your sausage stuffer will also affect speed and efficiency.

When it comes to configuration, there are 3 types: horizontal, vertical and tabletop/stand mixer style which generally requires more horsepower.

Horizontal sausage stuffers are generally best for home use because it is easier to handle, however the cons would be that you still need a good amount of counter space. The vertical configuration requires less counter space but has safety issues with raw meat falling onto your body. If you have enough room in your kitchen, both models are suitable for home use if you take precautions when making sausages.

Tabletop sausage stuffers are recommended for people who make large batches of sausages since they tend to clutter up quickly without proper cleaning afterwards.


You should also take into consideration the size of the nozzles that come with your machine to match different types of sausages. For example, there are two sizes of nozzles used for the snack sized sausages while bigger ones are used for lunch meat. You can get additional nozzles in case you wish to make sausages of different sizes using this sausage stuffer. If you don’t want any other parts to be regularly replaced on your home appliance then looking at an unit that has stainless steel components or comes with a warranty is important too.

This does not necessarily mean that every household needs only one type of sausage filler, but it does provide food for thought when trying to determine if you need to make a purchase or if you can make do with what you have. As always, the choice is ultimately yours to make and we hope this article provides some assistance in making your decision.

Price and Capacity

Another factor would be price and capacity. Generally, more expensive sausage stuffers tend to be more efficient and faster than those on the lower end of the price range.

Capacity also plays a part but you should be able to determine how much meat your family can consume throughout the year so this factor may not play a huge role when deciding on which sausage stuffer to purchase.

In closing, when purchasing a sausage stuffer, it is important that you think about what your will use it for and the features that fit within your budget. By considering these factors, you’ll be able to find the best sausage stuffer for both home use and occasional processing of meats in no time at all.


How do you make a sausage filler?

Take the metal plunger rod tip and push it through the hole in the inside of bottom container. Place a large sheet of aluminum foil or plastic wrap on top of bottom container, making sure that there is enough to fold over the edges. Place sausage links down seam where both sheets come together. This will help keep your hands clean while you are filling sausages later on.

Are Lem sausage stuffers made in the USA?

Lem Manufacturing Company is a proud American manufacturer of sausage stuffers and other food processing equipment. For nearly a century, we have been producing high-quality, reliable machines that make the food processing process easier for businesses and home cooks alike. These machines are made in the USA with pride and craftsmanship, and we stand behind their quality with our industry-leading warranties.

Which is the best sausage maker?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best sausage maker for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. That said, some of the most popular sausage makers on the market today include the LEM Manual Sausage Stuffer, the LEM Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer, and the Weston Manual Sausage Maker. These machines are all high quality and durable, and they offer a variety of features that will appeal to different users. So, which is the best sausage maker for you? It’s up to you to decide!

Is a sausage stuffer necessary?

If you like to make homemade sausage, then a sausage stuffer is the best way to go. A sausage stuffer is typically an attachment that clamps to any kitchen table, and it attaches to the side of the bowl with a clamp or lock. The plunger rod can be manipulated so that meat can be stuffed into casings. This will save time and take the mess out of making your own sausage!

Can you use a meat grinder as a sausage stuffer?

Yes, you can use a meat grinder as a sausage stuffer. In fact, many people choose to do this because it is a more affordable option. However, keep in mind that using a meat grinder as a sausage stuffer does have some drawbacks. First, it can be difficult to get the meat evenly distributed in the grinder. Second, you may have trouble stuffing the casings if the meat is too thick. Finally, cleaning the meat grinder can be a tedious process.

Can you grind and stuff sausage at the same time?

No, you cannot make sausages at the same time. You must fill one or more casings, then repeat the process.


The best sausage stuffers will make your life easier, allowing you to create your own sausages that taste better and are healthier. You will save money by doing it yourself as well, so what is keeping you?

If you liked this article or know someone who would be interested in buying a sausage stuffer, share it with them!

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