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Best Electric Turkey Roaster

The 10 Best Electric Turkey Roaster of 2022

There are many ways to cook a turkey, but not everyone has the luxury of time. That’s why an electric turkey roaster is such a great solution for those who want to have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner without all the hassle. Read on for more information about these easy-to-use appliances and what they can do for you this holiday season.

Our Pick

Best Electric Roasting Pan With Lid

  • The domed lid of this kitchen appliance allows it to accommodate the biggest bird.
  • It can cook a turkey weighing up to 26 pounds, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • The fact that this lid is self-basting is another advantage. This will help speed up the process and add more flavor.

How We Chose

For those who are pressed for time but are still looking to make an amazing dinner for their family this holiday season, an electric turkey roaster may be just what you need. These appliances are simple to use–often requiring very little attention during cooking–and allow you to make moist and delicious meals with less than is required when using traditional methods. Plus, electric turkey roasters can be used to cook any type of poultry and other meats, such as beef and ribs.

We selected 10 of the most popular electric turkey roasters, both large and small. We used each to roast a turkey weighing between 12 and 16 pounds. Our testing team then evaluated the results based on taste, ease of use, cooking time, appearance/presentation, tenderness, and whether or not the appliance was able to cook the meat properly without burning it.

List Of 10 Best Electric Turkey Roaster Reviewed

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

The ability to be utilized in a variety of ways is the most appealing feature of this oven roaster. This is a multi-purpose kitchen gadget that will deliver excellent results, no matter what you want to cook with it for. It can also be used to bake and simmer slowly. It even includes a defrosting option. If you don’t want to wait for your food to thaw before cooking it, you can defrost it in minutes instead of hours. The bird was thawed within an hour and a half, which saved me lots of time.

The domed lid of this kitchen appliance allows it to accommodate the biggest bird. It can cook a turkey weighing up to 26 pounds, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The fact that this lid is self-basting is another advantage. This will help speed up the process and add more flavor.

The roaster oven also includes a detachable roasting pan. When your turkey is done in the pan, you may take it out and set it on the dining room table. It’s not necessary to transfer it onto plates. The material of this roaster oven is enamel-on-steel. It’s also easy to clean since the temperature control is adjustable and features an easy-to-use knob.

The roaster oven may be set between 150 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. When compared to a regular oven, the roaster oven may help you save 30% time and use 36% less electricity. It includes two baking pans, allowing you to perform numerous functions depending on the situation. With over 8000 reviews, it has an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

The oven was designed to be safe and secure. There is an LED indicator light on the front of the oven that lets you know if it is switched on.

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Hamilton Beach 32229 22-Quart Roaster Oven

Do you want to learn how to cook a turkey like a pro? It isn’t necessary to have any training or previous expertise. In the end, all you’ll need is a roaster oven like this one from Hamilton Beach. It’s also an excellent roaster oven that may be used for a variety of purposes since it can also be used to bake. Furthermore, the temperature may be adjusted, allowing you to maintain consistent temperatures while cooking various meats. The knob is conveniently positioned in front of the device and may be twisted to reach a high temperature of 450°F.

The insert’s pan is detachable and may also be used as a serving tray. This is a fantastic feature because you won’t have to move the roast before serving. It’s also an excellent feature that the handles on the sides stay cool no matter how long an oven cooks for.

Finally, if you’re a novice in the kitchen, there’s no need to be concerned. The book includes detailed instructions that are simple enough for anyone to follow. Why buy an expensive modern toaster oven when you can get the same great taste in a vintage-style retro toaster oven?

Oster Smoker Roaster Oven, 16-Quart

The Oster CKSTRS16W-WSB is a self-basting roaster oven with a capacity of 16 quarts that can roast up to 20 pounds of turkey. It has 1450 watts and a long cable of 24 inches as well. This is an extremely big electric roaster that also allows you to slow cook and bake food while keeping it warm. It ensures perfectly cooked meals by providing uniform heat distribution.

The Oster CKSTRS16 is a compact, energy-efficient roaster that has an original design that saves as much as 30% of cooking time and energy usage when compared to a standard oven. It’s not difficult to do it manually because the lid self-basts and has an incredibly useful design.

The problem is you have to wait for your food to cook, sometimes for very long periods of time. The air fryer toaster oven will cook your food evenly and quickly.

Rival Roaster Oven, 18-Quart

It’s a painless roaster, and the Rivel RO180 Roaster Oven has an 18-quart capacity and dimensions of 23 17x17x-inches. It can hold larger meat chunks as well as roast a turkey that weighs 18 pounds inside the oven. With a variety of applications, you may also use the Rival RO180 to serve food from. There are dials on this temperature controller that go up to 450degF, allowing you to choose the appropriate temperature for your meal.

The Rival RO180 features handles on the sides that stay cool, so your hands won’t burn. Because heat is evenly distributed and food is cooked to perfection, you may prepare meals quickly with the pan that is enamel-on-steel. The large capacity for cooking allows for easy meal preparation at large gatherings.

What would you do to bring a taste of summer into your home? Cookouts are the best—and the best outdoor gas grills can make them even better.

EaZy BrandZ EZO-3016B Oberdome

If you’re looking for something that’ll do more than just roast a turkey once a year, you might need to go beyond the box to find the best product. The Oberdome design from EaZy BrandZ differs from a regular roaster oven in that it has a unique form, but it can cook a wide range of meals with its distinctive style and give the ideal finishing touch to your Thanksgiving turkey.

The lid is covered in a silver material that I’ve never seen before, and it looks similar to one of the hotel dining rooms’ cloches. It works similarly. When you’re ready to prepare dinner, place the roasting pan on top of the food and cover with the lid. This aspect of the lid can reach as high as 350 degrees Fahrenheit, comparable to a conventional oven.

This oven has a wide range of foods that can be cooked, including pizza bread, cake, bread, potatoes, chicken, and even a 22-pound turkey. While I’m not sure which additional meals are compatible with this style, I’m confident it can bake almost anything that will fit within the confines of the design. It’s an excellent choice for going on vacations or camping owing to its lightweight construction and portability.

The product is fantastic for people who wish to get the most out of their money and enjoy the idea of making tiny pizzas or cakes on the countertop. The design is unique, and it lacks certain features that other roasting ovens have, such as a self-basting lid and the ability to store a lot of liquid.

Roaster Oven 24 Quart – Electric Roaster Oven For Turkey

If you’re preparing a turkey for your family, having some extra room can be useful. While an oven with an 18-quart capacity may be adequate for certain families, it’s always good to have some breathing room. This enormous roaster oven from Heynemo is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen; it has a capacity of 24 quarts for the roasting pan and enough space to hold any kind of turkey you could think of as well as side dishes.

This roaster is unique in that it offers several distinct features. It also has excellent temperature control, with 14 settings ranging from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The huge pan is complemented by a self-basting lid that ensures the skin of your turkey does not come into touch and becomes stale. Expect to feed more than 20 bowls of stew, soup or curry when using this gadget for other than turkey cooking!

With a huge roaster like this, you’d expect maintenance and cleaning to be more difficult. Fortunately, however, Heynemo has you covered in this area as well. After a big dinner, the removable roasting pan made of enamel-on-steel with the stainless steel finish racks may simply be placed in the dishwasher for simple cleanup. Of course, considering it weighs 24 pounds and takes up so much space on your countertop , handling and storing this appliance might be quite difficult.

If you’re arranging a party with more than a dozen people, this is the best roaster oven you can buy. Despite its size and complexity, it’s impossible to resist its power and volume.

Nesco 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster Oven

If you enjoy preparing large quantities of food, a pressure cooker is a must-have kitchen gadget. Nesco has been in business since the 1930s and has never been able to recover. This roaster oven may contain a 22-pound turkey. One of the main characteristics of this product that gives it an advantage over others in the competitive market is the Circle of Heat design, which includes other features among other things. Food will be cooked on the sides rather than from the bottom due to this feature, allowing for more evenly cooked meals with less flare-up.

The convection cooking also helps to distribute heat more evenly. This makes the meat juicier and more delicious. The unit’s automatic temperature adjustment is another distinguishing feature. Temperatures may be changed between 200 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. A chrome-plated rack is included with the oven for easy removal of the rack after delivery. An optional buffet service kit, which includes an extra shelving unit, may be purchased separately

When compared to other Nesco roaster ovens, the Nesco roasting oven has the most extensive capacity and numerous temperature settings. The Nesco 18-Quart Roaster Oven is a great choice for individuals seeking high quality and long-lasting goods. If you don’t want to replace your roaster oven every few years, we recommend the Oster or Nesco models. It includes a high level of craftsmanship and an attractive design, making it ideal for preparing your favorite meals.

Proctor Silex 32230A Stainless Steel Roaster Oven

This Proctor Silex 22 quart Roaster Oven is a well-built and multi-purpose roaster that may be used as an additional countertop oven. It’s the updated version of the popular Hamilton Beach 32229 oven. The 32230A model cooks and roasts without using electricity or increasing the temperature in your house, unlike its predecessor, the 32228. Even during the hottest summer days, you can save money by grilling outdoors on Memorial Day weekend.

This 22-quart turkey roaster with a lid is big enough to fit a 9×13 pan, two 9×5 loaf pans, and a bundt cake pan while simultaneously baking in the oven, making it ideal for multitasking.

The roaster is suitable for turkey, chicken, ham, beef and other meats. It’s designed to hold a 20-pound bird or two whole roasts. The large cooking surface makes it perfect for serving doubles or a substantial amount of chili. Buffet pans are also available with lids that allow the pan to double as a buffet for big gatherings. Stews and sauces can be cooked in the roaster using settings of 225F for at least 4 hours.

The rack on this model can also be used to steam vegetables. Fill the pan with water and set the veggies on the rack that is then placed over it to steam. You may bake bread or cakes by placing a filled pan in the rack. The roaster is well-made and will last a long time. The lid isn’t as sturdy as other components of the device.

Expect juicy and tender meat, but be ready to use an oven bag, roaster, or browning liquid to get the crunchy exterior you’re used to from your oven. The moisture may steam rather than creating the outside crisp. Remember that the appliance is very hot; keep small hands away from it.

NutriChef Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

The NutriChef’s convection countertop toaster oven is its greatest. Its Convection Countertop Toaster Oven is built to cook juicy meats like pork, steak chicken, veggies, and more deliciously. It cooks dishes up to 50 percent faster than a regular oven and can do so more effectively and efficiently while using less energy.

There’s no need to thaw frozen foods before using them, or to reheat defrosted ones. The NutriChevenction Countertop Toaster Oven has a patented three-step cooking procedure called conduction that directs heat directly to the food convection system to circulate and infrared radiant heating to bake food both inside and out, ensuring that your meals are nicely soft and delicious.

One of the most significant features is that it cooks effectively and retains the taste and texture of the ingredients used. NutriChef’s Convection Countertop Oven uses a cooking technique that cooks food evenly and provides its clients with the best level of satisfaction. It also protects against additional oil being required for food preparation or healthy cooking. Without having to use extra oil, food preparation and healthy cooking are possible

NutriChef is a fantastic way to learn about the exciting new world of healthy cooking. It only requires little or no oil because to its unique three-step cooking process, which results in juices and moisture on the inside but beautiful crisp skin on the outside. It can prepare meals quicker than traditional ovens.

The technology of this electric tukey roaster allows for fast cooking of food, which means it saves time and money. You can now prepare excellent dinners for your family members that will save time and money. Its built-in fan ensures uniform and efficient cooking by circulating the air. The Instant Pot has built-in fans that keep the air moving to guarantee high-yield, rapid-cooking meals with consistent temperatures throughout to avoid cold spots or burned edges that might harm your meal.

The NutriChef Convection Countertop Toaster Oven also includes a built-in timer that allows the cook to use any cooking method that will save time and energy while also making preparation simple. It’s a free and straightforward function. It’s simple to choose the desired temperature and duration for cooking your food, and leave everything else to the oven to toast and let it cook your meals soft and delicious.

It’s capable of steaming, broiling, roasting, and airfrying. The NutriChef Convection Countertop Toaster Oven is ideal for you if you’re looking for a different way to cook in your kitchen or at home. It’s capable of grilling, baking, steam cooking, broiling, roasting, and air frying. It’s also great for any sort of uniform cooking and is extremely multi-functional.

The NutriChef Convection Countertop Toaster Oven is a convenient electric convection oven with a big capacity and a large cooking glass bowl that can be removed for easy cleaning and heating. LED indicator lights, an easy-to-clean and heat-resistant dish made of glass, and a practical tabletop design with a detachable top lid of the heating oven that may be used as the heating element are among its features.

Ninja Foodi AG301 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill

If you don’t have enough time to allow your frozen meals to reach room temperature, the Ninja Foodi might be useful. It transforms frozen foods into culinary sensations in just 30 minutes. The high-density grill 500F produces searing around the perimeter. It creates charred and intense flavors without producing smoke when grilling or baking food on the countertop. It can also sear, bake, air fry, and roast dishes right on the countertop.

Finally, but not least importantly, Ninja Foodi is a fantastic choice. With a simple touch on the Ninja Foodi smart cook system, you can achieve the ideal cooking temperature. Despite its high price tag, it is able to produce delicious steaks from rare to well-done with no guessing required. It’s definitely worth it!

How To Choose The Best Electric Roaster

When looking to purchase an electronic turkey roaster, there are a few factors to consider. The sort of material the roaster is made of, as well as the roast it can hold and control of temperature, are just a few examples. When you’re baking large dinners with your countertop roasters, they’re a wonderful substitute for conventional ovens and may help free up space (and storage room!)

Size & Capacity

This is contingent on the goal of the equipment purchase. If you want to buy roasters that can hold eight to ten people, a 18-quart roaster is your best bet. For holidays and parties, though, you’ll need a larger capacity.


The materials used to make the roaster will have an effect on how it distributes heat throughout the roaster. This will influence how your roast cooks as well as the amount of heat it retains. Metals don’t all react in the same way when exposed to high temperatures. Stainless steel is popular among people. It’s easy to maintain and won’t interfere with any of the ingredients that go into cooking. On the other hand, it is more prone to grow at higher temperatures and can react with acidic components. It browns nicely and has excellent heat retention and circulation.

Fast Heating

More efficient than other tiny appliances, electric turkey roaster ovens are more energy-efficient. Slow cookers, like the ones shown here, take at least 30 minutes to come to temperature. If you own an electric roaster oven, all you have to do is set it to the proper temperature and let it cook for at least 10 minutes. Changing into an electric oven may save a lot of time during the cooking process. This is extremely advantageous!

Roaster Oven Lid

The lid for the electric roaster should be sturdy and tightly secured to prevent steam and heat from escaping. It’s possible to get burned if the oven releases heat and the oven’s cover gets hot. Self-basting lids are preferable since they allow for constant water circulation, so you don’t have to hand-baste it yourself. Food tastes better when cooked in this way, since it retains more of its flavor and moisture. The best lids have high domes because they can fit turkeys with bigger dimensions.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is an important feature of all-electric turkey roaster ovens. They usually include a temperature range of 150-450°F, which is adequate for roasting. It may also be used as a slow cooker and an oven. Variable thermal control, such as manual or automatic temperature control, is available on roaster ovens.

Make sure the roaster oven’s adjustable thermostat is shown on the front of the panel if you choose one with one. Look for indicators with LEDs for the automated control system to assist you in selecting options. When using a timer, set it so that the oven shuts off when the designated time has elapsed.

Energy Savings

Everyone is searching for ways to save money and energy, so cutting your power consumption can save you money. Electric roasters are designed to use less electricity than standard ovens. As a result, they will not only assist you in saving time but also energy, as a consequence of reduced power costs

Additional Features

There are more than just oven roasters on the market. For example, there are smokers made by the Oster smoker. There are also roasters with buffet servers that make it easy for you to offer your visitors with food. When utilizing your roaster, you may benefit from racks and pans that can be removed. You may also take an electric roast with you and store it away when not in use, then store it in nearly any location.

How To Use A Roaster Oven

It is really simple to use an electric roaster oven. It isn’t a difficult device, and you should be able to manage it effortlessly.

  • If you’re cooking your first batch of food in a roaster, be sure to clean it thoroughly before using.
  • Attach the electric roaster and choose a temperature that is appropriate for the dish you’re making. To prepare most recipes, 350 degrees F is sufficient.
  • At the top of the pan, you’ll find the roast on a rack. When it’s ready, place it in the roaster. Wait till your roast is done cooking before removing the cover.
  • Avoid opening the lid to prevent steam from escaping and spoiling your dish. If steam is confined, it improves the flavor and moisture of the meat.


Are electric roasters good for turkeys?

A: Yes, they are. In fact, turkey cooks faster when you use an electric roaster.

Do I have to use a meat thermometer?

A: No, you don’t. If the turkey’s cooking instructions includes a recommended temperature for doneness and a suggested cooking time, you can trust that it will be finished in time. The internal temperature must reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit for meals to be safe to eat.

How big of a turkey will fit in an electric roaster?

A: A 12- to 16-pound turkey will fit in most electric roasters.

How long does it take to cook a turkey in an electric roaster?

A: Generally, cooking times range from three and a half hours up to five and a half hours, depending on the size of the bird.

Are electric roasters worth it?

A: Yes, these appliances are worth it, especially when you consider how much time they can save you. Cooking a large turkey in an electric roaster takes less than half the time it would without one.


Electric roaster ovens are a fantastic thing to have in your kitchen. There are various models on the market with electric ovens, making it more difficult for novices to choose amongst. The finest roaster ovens are, however, recommended as a must-have kitchen gadget. It’s not only used for roasting. If you’re new to cooking, you could become an expert chef in no time by trying out different recipes available.

To figure out which one will not make you regret your decision, pay attention to the items we mentioned above. With these goods’ outstanding features and innovative functions, they offer good value for money. We hope that our information may be useful to you!


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