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The 8 Best Large Capacity Air Fryer for 2022

A large air fryer is perfect for big families. A family of four or more would need to cook in batches if using a small air fryer, but won’t have to do this with a large air fryer. Plus, it’s best to not overcrowd your air fryer, so cooking in batches is the safest option anyway.

Large capacity air fryers are also great for anyone who wants an air fryer they can trust. All of the best large air fryers are by top brands with great reviews, so you know you will be getting an experience similar to what you would expect from the leading innovators of cooking technology.

For families who like fried food but want more control over their food preparation, using an air fryer is a great option. You just have to make sure that your air fryer is extra-large if you have a large family!

Keep reading to find out the list of the 8 best large air fryer:

1. NuWave Brio 15.5-Quart Large Capacity Air Fryer Oven + Grill

The NuWave Brio Air Fryer is the perfect kitchen solution for anyone looking to make easy and healthy cooking with flavorful dishes. Featuring 100 pre-sets, it’s easy to get started knowing this fryer comes fully certified ETL Listed 900W, 1500W, or 120V/1800W and a temperature range of 100°–400°F. This voltage applies only in the US and Canada!

And don’t worry about any fixings being fried into that place– your food will be so crisp on the outside because of high technology circulators which enables even frying without oily residue. Your vegetables will be tender on the inside thanks to patented air convection technology paired with advanced infrared heating elements that provide uniform distribution for effortless, healthy frying. The

The wide range of temperatures keep both warm and sears dishes that you can’t overcook or undercook with one easy touch to temp probe. And don’t worry about messy grease, just wipe down the dishwasher safe parts. For added convenience preheat before beginning so you can enjoy crispy meats, veggies, desserts soon! Get your way around quick with big batch food settings no matter what diet you follow because there is a setting for everyone-low carb or gluten free too!

2. Big Boss Super Sized 16 Quart Large Air Fryer

The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is not your average air fryer. With a frying bowl and pan combo separating food from fat and oil dripping down the pan, this large air fryer allows you to cook fried foods with little to no oil, while also giving you the ability to bake, grill or barbecue a wide assortment of meals faster than cooking on a stovetop or oven thanks to its powerful 1300W fan and 360° air convection system.

The big Boss Air Fryer allows for better health as it circulates super hot air around your meal ensuring flavor is evenly distributed throughout without sacrificing any of those crispy textures we all love so much. The adjustable timer will let you choose how long you want your delicious prepped meals to be cooked before automatically shutting off.

Looking for a larger size Air Fryer? With the Big Boss Oil-Less Large Frying Bowl, you can fit a whole chicken and feed up to 3-6 people. The oil-less fryer has dishwasher-safe drip bowl and frying basket, push button operation with overheat protection that will automatically shut off when it is needed.

The deep pan allows plenty of space betweeen the heating element and food so that nobody has to worry about their food getting too hot without them knowing!

With tool your protein inside the large frying bowl, just select what cooking time you want by pressing one of five preset buttons or scrolling through thirty minutes at intervals of 5 minutes. A variety of preprogrammed 30-minute recipes are also available.

3. COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

COSORI AirFryers are one of the best-selling air fryers on the market, for good reason. With 13 different cooking settings that cook food up to 85% faster than traditional frying methods – thanks to 360-degree heating and rapid circulation – you can say goodbye once and for all to time spent peeling individual pieces of fried chicken!

That’s because COSORI’s innovative design maximizes cooking space, with two high capacity dishwasher safe mesh dishwasher safe baskets allowing up to 5 pounds of cooked foods at a time. The result is crispy food without any added oil, sneaking more nutrients into your heart favorites responsibly while providing healthy alternatives for family members or friends who love indulging in fast food chains’ deep fried treats.

With nonstick interior plates that are dishwasher safe and PFOA free, this air fryer ensures impeccable cleanliness no matter what your preference is to cleanup. For improved texture when frying without oil, preheat the COSORI before adding ingredients for best results. The durable design includes an automatic shake alarm function for timely reminders!

4. Ninja DZ201 Foodi 6-in-1 8 Quart 2-Basket Air Fryer

The Ninja DZ201 Foodi 6-in-1 8 Quart 2-Basket Air Fryer is perfect for families and those with the occasional craving. With dual baskets, you can cook two foods at once! Choose from six different cooking programs, and enjoy your choice of crispiness on chicken wings or crispy French fries.

Cleaning this air fryer is a breeze as well: It features a nonstick coating and dishwasher safe parts for quick cleanup. The dual zone technology allows food to be cooked to perfection at the same time, no matter what flavor your craving may be – BBQ steak or lemon pepper salmon? No problem!

This incredible kitchen appliance features two temperature settings (105 ° to 450°) for each of its two four-quart cooking zones. You can also cook separately or together thanks to its intelligent smart technology that automatically syncs cook times in each zone so one dish doesn’t end up soggy because it couldn’t finish at the same pace as another.

The food benefits from a crispy outside and moist inside thanks to our cyclonic rapid heaters and dual made nonstick covers that are easy to clean. Spread out your favorite dishes with either single or double baskets for delicious chicken wings, French fries, sweet potato fries, ribs, onion rings, homemade jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, pretzels… the possibilities are endless.

5. Super Deal 7.6 QT Pro 1700W Digital Air Fryer Extra Large Capacity

Air fryers are a healthier way to cook fried favorites- without all the oil! The Super Deal 7.6 Qt Pro 1700W Digital Air Fryer Extra Large Capacity is big enough for family meals or snacks and can fit up to seven servings at once. When cooking, there’s no need to turn the food halfway through since this unit will automatically shut off when done.

It also features an easy timer with automatic shutdown and ready signal so you’ll be notified when your time is up and will never overcook again! This air fryer does not use much oil, yet provides delicious results every time because it locks in moisture as well as flavor from the inside out.

With an easy-to-clean removable basket and dishwasher safe parts, it makes cooking healthier than ever before. Kick up the flavor with eco-friendly Transglutaminase powder for fast and even crisps, or cook bacon to prefectly crisp perfection. And if tasty fried tasty isn’t enough, we’ve taken our classic model one step further by adding cool touch housing as well as a handle for complete control during cooking. Make this your year’s most fabulous holiday gift!

6. PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer

The Power XL Turbo Air Fryer from the same people as your favorite Philips kitchen appliances is a brilliant flip on classic cooking. In comparison to other air fryers, the 16-quart dish capacity allows you to cook more at once, saving you time and hassle. The large interior space also means that it can hold multiple food items without crowding or sticking together.

If cooking healthier foods is a concern of yours, this appliance will satisfy all of your needs! The 400° superheated hot air crisps up all sides evenly so there’s no need for worrying about getting everything crispy just one way–the Turbo World Air Fryer does it all! You can also use this oven for rotisserie chicken with ease since the rotisserie bars are also built in.

PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer is perfect for large families. The secret to its success? An extra-large glass bowl with a 10 qt capacity, giving you the ability to cook up to six pounds of chicken wings or 14 pounds of turkey!

With dishwasher safe parts, cleanup has never been easier. It can also be used as a rotisserie air fryer and multi cooker. This multifunctional appliance gives you all the versatility you need for healthy meals including breakfast bars, desserts and appetizers.

Easy clean up. Big cooking space. And so many more functions too–PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer is what your family needs!

7. Ultrean 8.5 Quart Air Fryer

One of the benefits of an air fryer is that you use little-to-no oil, making it easier on your health. The Ultrean 8.5 quart has a bigger cooking capacity than other brands, with plenty of room to cook up 6 or more meals! With 7 different settings–from frying to baking and grilling–you’ll never run out of ideas.

The bonuses don’t stop with this high quality cooker, either: they offer exclusive recipes in their included recipe booklet for all tastes, so whether you’re craving bacon cheeseburgers or grilled salmon for dinner, there’s something sure to suit everyone’s taste buds on this menu!

It comes with an LCD screen for easy reading, while its touch screen display is angled towards you so no need to crouch down while cooking! This large air fryer lets you watch your meal cook through the window in front, or by our dual tempered glass back panel that lights up red when hot; it also allows for hands-free cooking whilst keeping pesky smells out of other areas in the home.

The design incorporates time and temperature control (you can choose from presets like other high-quality models), as well as a customizable cooking mode with adjustable time and temperature.

8. IGNITED 5.5/7.5 Quart Large Capacity Digital Oilless Cooker

Illuminated in a modern dark grey body and gleaming chrome accents, IGNITED is the best way to take your indoor cooking experience outdoors. With 1700w of power and two-way fans for both heating and cooling, this oil-less cooker eliminates the need for potent oils like soybean or olive oil.

It features hot air technology that doesn’t trap heat inside which keeps your food healthy while delivering excellent cook lines with just less than 5% grease! You can customization to include an intuitive touchscreen with wide range of functions such as roasting, baking, pizza making and much more!

How We Decided

We tested each product over the course of several weeks (or more) to learn about its unique features and determine which one was the best large air fryer.

We also checked online reviews, like those found on Amazon, for additional information about each product’s durability and performance. Then we used these reviews to make sure our top picks really were the best large air fryers.

Our process took into account all kinds of info that will help you find the perfect air fryer for your family or lifestyle. You can trust that each pick is as good as it needs to be for its category–and hopefully better! We’ve already done an in-depth review of Air Fryers, so feel free to check it out if you want more info on air fryers in general.

What Makes a Good Large Air Fryer?

  • Large air fryers are perfect for cooking for several people at once, but they’re also great if you have a big family. A large family will end up with the best results if using an extra-large air fryer. If you have four or more members of your household, then having two or three smaller air fryers is not going to be as efficient as one larger one.
  • Also, most large families don’t want to cook in batches all the time anyway because it takes longer and wastes power–not to mention that everything gets cold while you wait on the first batch! So having an extra-large family-sized air fryer is really the best option.
  • A large air fryer needs to be able to fit a couple of pounds of food in it at once. A good brand will have told you the size limits–which are usually between 3 and 6 pounds. If you want an air fryer that can do more than just cook for your family, then go for one that can fit up to 8 or even 10 pounds of food inside!
  • On top of being able to cook more food, having a larger capacity means that you’re less likely to overcook your food, which results in even dryness throughout each batch. This way, if there is some variation in cooking time depending on what’s inside the basket, it won’t make much difference when cooking two batches back to back because everything will be evenly cooked even if one batch took a little longer.

What To Look For When Buying Large Air Fryer

Are you looking for large capacity air fryer? Have you considered how much it can hold before purchasing one? Here are some things to consider when buying an air fryer with large capacity.

  • Price

The larger the air fryer, the higher the price will tend to be. It is important to consider your budget when choosing an air fryer for your family.

The more you can afford to spend on an air fryer, the better quality and larger capacity it will likely be. However, if you’re cash-strapped, look for a mid-sized air fryer instead of splurging on one of the largest ones.

A good price range for large capacity air fryers is between $80 and $180. Remember that cheaper models may not have features such as built-in timers or automatic shutoff controls. But they may still get the job done just fine!

  • Construction Material

Material such as aluminum or stainless steel contributes to how heat efficient and durable the appliance will be. Heat-proof handles help keep hands safe from steam and heat.

A non-stick inside ensures foods release easily and makes cleaning up a breeze. The size and shape of the air fryer itself will determine how much food it holds: square shapes tend to fit more food than round ones, so if you’re cooking for a crowd, square is the way to go.

There are also features such as castors on the bottom, allowing users to roll them from one place to another with much ease! This can be perfect in case you have multiple cooking stations available in different parts of your house/kitchen.

In general, choose an air fryer that feels solid and well made when picking it up or reading through customer reviews. It should be able to last a long time in order to get its worth.

  • Food Capacity

This is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing an air fryer that has large capacity. If you often cook for a large family or host parties, you’ll want to buy an air fryer with large food capacity to accommodate all your needs.

Check the dimensions of the inside cooking basket and compare them with the volume stated in liters or quarts. Air fryers can vary from about 0.6 quarts up to 5+ quarts! The larger models may have multiple settings depending on how much food they can hold at once, allowing users to choose smart functions such as “big bite” mode designed for cooking meatballs and other appetizers quickly, so they don’t lose their shape. The larger models can also come with a separate air fryer for baking and roasting, so you have one appliance to do the job of three!

  • Timer/Automatic Shut-Off

Most people would agree that it’s better not to over-cook food when using an air fryer. If your large capacity model doesn’t include a built in timer, make sure it has an automatic shut off feature in case the cooking time gets out of hand or there’s a power outage.

In general, you want to pick an air fryer with a timer so you can decide when food will be done cooking and shut off the machine. If the automatic shut-off feature is close in price, go for that one instead so you have another layer of safety.

  • Versatility

Air fryers are super versatile appliances which can be used to create recipes from different kitchens, cultures and cuisines around the globe! The beauty of using an air fryer is that it’s fast, compact and easy to use which means one appliance does all your regular stovetop or oven dishes without taking much space at all! It also allows you cook fast enough but keep flavors locked into food – although some foods do end up tasting crispy like they’ve been fried, the experience of using an air fryer isn’t too greasy or “fried-like” at all.

Large Air Fryer FAQs

Q: Can I deep fry food in an air fryer?

No, unfortunately, frying isn’t possible with an air fryer. Air fryers are more likely to have some of the same functions as a convection oven, including baking, roasting and broiling.

Q: How long does it take to cook food in an air fryer?

This depends on the recipe you’re trying to cook but generally speaking cooking times are much faster than using your traditional ovens or stovetops – depending on what’s being cooked too! For example, if you had frozen french fries they could be done cooking within 5-8 minutes while fresh ones would take about 10-15 minutes to crisp up. Chicken is also another popular dish that can be made at home in an air fryer with little to no effort.

Q: Is food cooked in an air fryer healthy?

Yes, depending on cooking technique and the type of recipe you’re trying to make (meatball appetizers vs fruit crisps) but overall it’s a great choice for people that care about their health and love to eat flavorful foods! The best part is that air frying allows you to cook quickly without adding grease or oil while locking in flavor – which means you won’t be consuming all the unhealthy fats from deep fried food at one time if prepared correctly.

Q: What kind of recipes can I make with an air fryer?

You’ll find thousands of recipes online from different cultures and cuisines around the world which can be cooked quickly in an air fryer without too much effort! Popular recipes include shrimp tempura, crispy fish sticks, french fries, tater tots, bacon wrapped dates, egg rolls and more. As you can see their isn’t just one type of dish you can make at home with the help of an air fryer so if you’re craving something specific give it a try and let us know how it turned out!

Q: What is the best large capacity air fryer on the market?

There’s hundreds of different models on the market right now made by many different brands but some are better than others – especially when it comes to large capacity appliances. NuWave Brio & Big Boss Super Sized 16 Quart Large Air Fryer are both great choices for large families because they both allow you to cook 3-4 servings at once so there’s no need to do it all in batches. These two models also come with a great set of features including pre-set cooking programs, timer settings and multiple air frying options – making them worth your money!

Q: How big is a large-capacity air fryer?

Large capacity air fryers typically range from 4-6 quarts in size and can be used to cook 3-4 servings at once.

Q: What is the difference between an air fryer and a deep fat fryer?

Although both tools allow you to cook a variety of foods they are actually different appliances – A deep fat fryer requires more time to heat up, does not have preset cooking programs, uses more oil and needs to rest in between uses. An air fryer on the other hand has quick preset cooking programs, uses less oil and doesn’t require any rest times in between frying sessions.

Q: Is an air fryer healthier than deep fat frying?

Definitely! Deep fat frying foods needs to use more oil while air frying can cook food quicker without adding grease or oil while keeping the natural flavor of the dish – making it a healthy alternative for people that care about what they eat!

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