Best Mini Fridge With Lock

The 7 Best Mini Fridge With Lock for 2022

Are you looking for an affordable way to bring your drinks or snacks to school or work? You might be interested in investing in a mini fridge that has locking mechanism. After all, this appliance can save you from spending too much money on alcohol or other similar kitchen items at the store. In addition, it will help keep you fresh food clean from harmful bacteria. If you are wondering which product is worth buying, read our buying guide packed with useful information.

Why Should You Get A Mini Fridge With Lock?

  • Prevent thievery: mini fridges with locks keep your property safe.
  • Minimize theft: mini fridges with locks reduce the risk of theft and break in.
  • Protect your food: with a locking mechanism, you can prevent unwanted visitors from getting into your fridge and eating it all up.
  • Prevent disturbances: if you’re the type of person who likes to sleep in peace, then this is for you. Nobody will be able to mess around with your food while you’re snoozing on the couch.
  • Decrease accidents: with a lock, there’s less of a chance that someone will accidentally leave something in the fridge and forget about it (or one of those pesky kids).

No matter what the reason, it’s easy to see that having a mini fridge with lock can make your life much easier. Just make sure you keep looking for the best deals and find one that suits your needs.

Best Mini Fridge With Lock Reviewed

#1 Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS

The Danby 120 Can Beverage Center is an excellent choice for those who want to keep their drinks safe and secure. With the lock and key fitted onto the door of this stainless steel beauty, nobody will be able to enter without your permission.

This fridge has 3 wire shelves that offer plenty of storage space for drinks, snacks, or anything you need on hand when hosting a party or traveling with friends. The adjustable thermostat allows you to change between 43 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit so that your beverages stay at just the right temperature no matter what season it is outside.

The recessed side mount door handle makes opening and closing the door easy while maintaining that pristine stainless steel look. A 3.3 cubic feet capacity beverage center with the ability to store up to 120 cans will help you take care of all your party needs in one go. Moreover, this fridge is built to last, and with an energy-efficient LED light, it will save on electricity bills over time.

#2 Haier 150-Can Glass Door Beverage Refrigerator with Lock

The Haier 150 Cans Beverage Cooler is perfect for storing and chilling all of your drinks and beverage. It’s a good partner for offices, parties and recreation centers, not to mention dorms with students.

The fridge has 4 shelves that give space for even more storage capacity when you need it most. The door is made from glass with black cabinet trim metal which adds to the refined look while also making the door easy to open – whether you’re right-handed or left-handed.

It can store an impressive 150 cans at one time so no matter how big your party gets, there will always be enough beverages available! Along with this astonishing storage capacity comes a wide range in temperature settings- 39 degrees Celsius (100 Fahrenheit) up to 55 degrees Celsius (131 Fahrenheit). The lower bottle rack can be removed if you need to store bigger bottles.

The lights inside the fridge are LED which is great in terms of energy-saving and maintaining a low cost for electricity bills. Once plugged in, it will automatically defrost so no maintenance required! To add an extra security level there is the lock and key mechanism available.

#3 Danby Compact Refrigerator with Lock

The Danby Compact Refrigerator is a countertop, lockable mini fridge that offers ample space as well as an aesthetically pleasing look.

The finish of the refrigerator’s doors is iridium silver metallic and both have a non-clogging chrome plated handle with rubber grips. The inside features black interior with white LED lighting, two full-width glass shelves and a half height adjustable shelf for added storage. A crisper drawer can be found on one side to regulate your produce’s freshness while the Canstor beverage dispenser makes it easy to serve up drinks from this appliance without bending over! The fridge itself is made of solid steel and comes with an adjustable thermostat, making it easy to create the right climate.

The door handle of this appliance makes it easy to open the refrigerator’s left or right sided swing. The fridge also features a scratch resistant top making it a great addition as an everyday countertop mini fridge or a space saver in tight spaces. A new environmentally friendly refrigerant is used that doesn’t use chemicals and makes this appliance ideal for those concerned about the world we live in.

This appliance has been designed with you in mind and it comes complete with an adapted to fit the lock, two keys included! It uses enough electricity to run and is energy efficient with a bit over $46 cost in one year.

#4 EdgeStar 1.1 Cu. Ft. Convertible Refrigerator or Freezer w/Lock

The EdgeStar Fridge Freezer with Lock is a great choice for those looking for a compact and durable mini fridge. The door is made of stainless steel and features a lock at the bottom center, which adds an extra layer of security to the appliance. The thermostat allows temperature adjustment from 0 degrees to 40 degrees, making it perfect for use as either a fridge or freezer. The manual defrost feature makes it simple to keep the appliance operating properly, and the flush back design allows you to store it in small places. The handle on the door is recessed, giving it an ergonomic shape and a beautiful appearance.

I found that this mini fridge works best in an office setting. The size of the EdgeStar Fridge Freezer with Locks is perfect for students looking to maximize space in their dorm rooms since it can be placed either under a desk or inside a corner. However, the lack of precise instructions was frustrating for me at times and I had problems properly adjusting the temperature. The thermostat doesn’t include clear markings, making it hard to tell just how far I needed to adjust it in order to find the right temperature.

#5 Ivation Freestanding Refrigerator with Lock

The Ivation Wine Cooler is a fantastic choice if you want to keep your beverages safe. It has a key lock system that prevents unauthorised access, as well as other features that make it ideal for wine storage. The temperature may be controlled via the digital display on the outside, and there is plenty of room to hold up to 12 bottles.

The fridge is made of thermopane glass on the inside and has polyurethane insulation. The UV rays are kept away from your drinks by a Thermopane glass door. It also features humidity control to ensure that your wines mature in the greatest possible conditions.

As a wine enthusiast, I appreciate all of the features this refrigerator has to offer. It operates quietly and smoothly, allowing you to store all of your wine without putting it at risk of spoiling. If you want a small fridge with a lock to keep your beverages secure, the Ivation Wine Cooler is an excellent choice.

#6 Avanti Mini Fridge With Lock

The Avanti Mini Fridge With Lock is one of the smallest refrigerators on our list. Some advantages offered by this fridge include: a glass door that’s twice as thick and durable and an electronic screen with intuitive settings. From the inside, this fridge can maintain its optimal chilled temperature and you can adjust it to match your preferences.

It also has a feature that keeps the unit from defrosting meaning that manual use is avoided; we all know how much work that could be! This sleek appliance will offer a stylish appearance as it provides you storage for snacks or drinks as well as interior design features such as adjustable shelves so you’ll never have too little space.

With the Auto Defrost option, you won’t have to worry about manually defrosting the fridge when it’s not in use. It also provides for a comprehensive range of temperature settings so you may maintain your preferred beverages at their ideal temperatures. This refrigerator uses an environmentally friendlier refrigerant that helps save both money and the environment.

#7 Sunpentown 1.1 cu.ft. Upright Freezer

Looking for a counter-sized freezer that will also work as an ice maker? This Sunpentown UF-114W Freezer is perfect! With 1.1 cu ft of storage, you’ll keep everything in one convenient place on your kitchen countertop.

The reversible door allows you to open the refrigerator/freezer from either side with ease. Plus, it has an adjustable thermostat that ranges true 0°F to 32°F; allows access anywhere along the spectrum you need. It features durable stainless steel doors and front levelling legs for stability, too!.

Many customers like this product because its compact design means they save space in their homes (and they’re designed specifically to be used under counters). The only downside is that some customers say this freezer needs to be defrosted more often than others.

The Sunpentown UF-114W is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable mini-fridge to keep in their dorm room or office, but likes the convenience of having something to make ice with, too! This machine has both functions, so will save you time and effort when it comes to stocking up on ice cubes or cold drinks.

It’s easy-to-use design makes it simple to get the temperature just right. Its compact size allows you to place it under your countertop saving valuable space in your home. And its stainless steel finish means that not only does it look good but also gives durability and enhances the modern décor of any kitchen.

What To Look For When Buying A Mini Fridge With Lock

  1. Select the right size: Best mini fridges are measured by how much it can hold. Some models can store up to 20 cans while others can carry less than 10 cans. Other factors to consider when choosing the size of your best mini fridges are its counter or wall space availability, home flooring or material type and if it needs extra storage for food that you’ll prepare often at home.
  2. Temperature settings: Different types of beverages require different temperatures. For example, if you’re looking for a mini fridge to store beer and wine, you need one that has adjustable internal thermostat. A good model will let you adjust it to +/- 3 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, some best models with lock comes with an external digital display that allows you adjustment of the temperature up or down by 1 degree Fahrenheit increments. Some also lets users choose between two temperatures (coldest/colder and cold/cool settings).
  3. Defrosting option: You don’t want your drinks to get watered by ice crystals! Look for a model that has the option of automatic defrosting so you don’t have to spend your time removing chunks of ice from its storage area. If you will be storing lots of food, choose a mini fridge with an auto-defrost option.
  4. Energy efficiency: Energy Star is a government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. Most models with the Energy Star rating use up to 40 percent less energy than standard units you see in stores and as much as 75 percent compared to older appliances. Look for an ENERGY STAR model that meets or exceeds federal standards because they’re tested for better performance and safety. Plus, you’ll save money on your electric bills!
  5. Durability and quality: Look for a model that is made of durable materials and have solid doors that close securely. A good mini fridge with lock doesn’t have flimsy latches or hinges that break easily after months of use. Plus, look for one that has high-quality interior components like stainless steel or glass shelves.
  6. Lockable: A good number of best mini fridges comes with locks that allow you to secure them in your home. Many models also have door handles that are designed to prevent potential thieves from smashing their way in. If you’re concerned about the safety of your home, choose a unit with a locking mechanism.
  7. Warranty: Choose a model that has at least 1-year parts and labor warranty so if anything breaks down, it’ll be fixed or replaced free of charge within the warranty period. Plus, find one that offers replacement during the first 90 days or purchase date if something goes wrong outside its warranty term.
  8. Additional features: Look for a model that has adjustable shelving, crisper bins, water dispenser, stainless steel construction and digital touchpad controls among other things that would make using these appliances easier and more convenient. In addition, look for one with a reversible door that can be opened from either side to give you additional flexibility.


With so many models to choose from, it’s easy to see why lots of people find it confusing when buying the best mini fridges with lock. That’s why we created this comprehensive buying guide that will help you differentiate between units based on style, design, features and more. By using our recommendations as your “checklist”, finding the perfect unit will be easy!

If you haven’t already done so, please take some time to check out our other articles below for additional information. We hope this article was helpful and for stopping by!

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