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Best Small Toaster Oven

10 Best Compact Toaster Oven on Amazon: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you tired of juggling between numerous cooking appliances to prepare food for the whole family? Do you spend too much time preparing food, especially if it’s something that can be prepared quickly? If yes, then you need to buy a small cooking appliance that will take away some of your burden.

The best part about having a small countertop toaster oven is that there are almost zero limitations on what you can bake, grill or toast. Whether you want to make a pie, broil vegetables or even cook an entire meal; small toaster ovens are up for the job. They are also easy-to-use and safe when it comes to cooking.

But what is the best mini toaster oven in 2022? Is buying one really worth your money? To answer these questions, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best small toaster ovens in 2022.

Best Small Toaster Oven Reviewed

We based our list on three major parameters including size, price and performance. The following are the top 10 best small toaster ovens in 2022 that you can buy:

#1 Comfee’ Small Retro Air Fryer Toaster Oven

This small toaster oven cooks meals quickly and deliciously while not using up energy or filling your kitchen with smoke from cooking on a stove. The Comfee Vintage will make deep-fried chicken taste like it was air fried, but without the excess fat! This is due to the unique design of this fryer that lets you drain away the extra grease during cooking which means healthier food for you and less greasy mess clean up for yourself later.

The Comfee fries all kinds of different items in one oven whether it’s reheating something or frying some tasty orange slices, so its customizable settings are perfect whether you’re just starting out in the kitchen or mastering French cuisine. And when it comes time to pop out ingredients onto your plate, no need to worry about the greasy mess, the Comfee Vintage has a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

The Comfee is also great oven to use when you need to prepare multiple dishes at once or if you want something ready faster than expected because it can be pre-programmed to have your food all done at the same time so no one misses out on dinner.

With multiple settings like bake, toast, broil and warm along with an adjustable timer you’ll be able to cook anything that can fit into the available space within this oven so you can have eggs or French fries without having to use more than one appliance.

Key features:

  • An in-oven tray for easy cleanup
  • Nonstick hotplates for even heating throughout the cooking pans
  • An adjustable timer that can be preset to have your food done at the same time when you’re ready to eat
  • Unique design means cooks don’t have to worry about the extra grease building up and ruining the taste of their food later on in the day and makes cleanup a breeze!

#2 Panasonic Toaster Oven FlashXpress

The Panasonic FlashXpress Toaster Oven is a compact solution for perfecting your favorite meals. This oven comes with six cooking functions to make it easy and fast. The front and back of the oven come equipped with infrared heating elements also help you cook food without pre-heating, meaning no waiting time! With safety features built in, this powerful oven has many advantages over any other appliance on the market.

The Panasonic FlashXpress Toaster Oven is a countertop oven that works best for people who live alone or are single parents. It’s not quite as powerful as other large-sized toaster ovens, but it has some nice unique characteristics that you won’t find on most other toaster ovens.

The FlashXpress Toaster Oven uses some technology developed for Panasonic’s cars, allowing it to cook food faster at a lower power level than 60% of the microwaves on the market. This means that this oven will not only cook food faster, but also use less energy in the process.

Key features:

  • Six cooking functions that cook food up to 60% faster than a full-size oven (includes bake, roast and toast)
  • No preheating needed due to Front and Back Infrared Heating Elements – no waiting time!
  • Two Quartz Elements for even cooking – the main oven is inside, while a smaller inner oven allows simultaneous cooking of multiple dishes
  • It’s small and attractive enough to be kept on the countertop as a single-purpose appliance.

#3 BALMUDA Mini Toaster Oven

The Balmuda Mini Toaster Oven is a time-saving kitchen appliance that uses steam as well as five modes to perfectly bake items for your taste buds. This oven offers first-in-class functionality with an amazingly compact design perfect for any tight kitchen space including apartment living. MultiBlast technology allows users to toast, make pizzas, and more like never before! With BALMUDA The Toaster, you can enjoy artisan bread reheated at the best of its flavor or crispy versus savory right out of the box; it’s all up to you.

The multi-purpose Balmuda Toaster oven is back with its newest release, the Mini. Utilizing new technology that produces steam to cook breads more evenly and quickly. The design of the oven also allows for air to circulate inside, baking items from all sides at once. With five modes, you can bake up various delicious food items for that special someone.

Key features:

  • Creates steam to cook bread more evenly and quickly
  • Compact design is perfect for tight kitchen spaces, including apartment living
  • Creates five modes to bake various delicious foods
  • MultiBlast technology allows for baking from all sides at once
  • Temperature control with precise regulation provides various contrasts in flavor and texture

#4 Hamilton Beach 6-Slice Countertop Toaster Oven

As countertop models increase in size, it becomes more difficult to cook multiple items at once. The Hamilton Beach 6-slice Countertop Toaster Oven makes this easy thanks to Roll-Top Door design that moves up and out of the way so you can easily access food inside without letting any mess drip onto your counters or clean up after cooking with ease thanks to the enclosed door.

This small toaster oven comes with 2 rack positions as well as a baking pan for versatility whether you’re baking cookies, preparing quiches or just reheating leftovers – anyone will be able to do it! Thanks to its generous interior, this oven can fit six slices of toast plus 12 inch pizza making it perfect for medium families that want both convenience and flexibility built into their countertop oven.

Key features:

  • 6 slice capacity
  • Roll top door – keeps food safely inside while easily accessible
  • 2 rack positions
  • 9 in x 11 in baking pan
  • Easy to clean & dishwasher safe parts
  • Contoured knobs for easy use.

#5 ISILER Small Toaster Oven 4 Slice

The ISILER Small Toaster Oven 4 Slice is perfect for quickly cooking pizza, fish sticks, toaster waffles and more. This oven has a compact design which won’t take up too much counter space in your kitchen. The real convection heating cooks food evenly and quicker than conventional standard toaster ovens.

It also features three programming modes including grilling, baking or toast depending on what you want to make; set the timer with an adjustable temperature control and it’s ready! Included are the cooking space that measures 16-inch (40cm)x12-inch (30cm), broiler rack that measures 9.5 in (D), 9.7 in (W), crumb tray which eliminates cleaning completely due to the non-stick coating and compact storage design that hides the accessories inside.

Key features:

  • Compact design that saves space
  • Nonstick interior and exterior which makes to easy to clean
  • 3 baking programs: toast, bake and grill
  • Adjustable temperature control allows for simple use and preparation

#6 Mueller Austria Toaster Oven

The Mueller Austria Toaster Oven is versatile and functional. Small but mighty, the unit does not require an oven for cooking due to its 600 watt heating element and wide temperature range (150-450 F). Select from a variety of cooking moods including toast, broil, bake, or even stay warm mode!

Features include polished stainless steel finish on the outside with black ceramic coating on the inside keeping your food at just the right temperature while being easy to clean. A 30 minute timer lets you have precision control over your pizza dough or toastiness while also automatically shutting off when done so there’s no wasted time worrying about it.

The dual position rack has two heights making it great for all kinds of food while this compact unit takes up less counter space than other ovens. Easy to use dials ensure convenient operation while the sleek exterior design will look great in your kitchen. Toast, bake, broil, keep food warm! Toaster Oven Non-stick interior makes for easy cleaning 4 toast settings Temp range 150-450 degrees F Auto shutoff timer 30 min UL listed

Key features:

  • Toasts up to four slices of bread at once
  • 600 watt heating element with a wide temperature range from 150 to 450 degrees F for cooking without the hassle of an oven
  • Polished stainless steel finish on both the outside and inside with black ceramic coating inside for easy cleaning
  • Dual position rack adjusts to two heights making it great for all kinds of foods
  • 30 minute timer with automatic shutoff function
  • Sits on included catch tray for easy clean up after use

#7 Cuisinart Compact Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer

The Cuisinart Airfryer toaster oven combines the power of a compact convection oven and an air fryer.

With six functions, including roasting, broiling, baking and warming; this innovative appliance offers four different ways to cook. The compact design takes up less space on your countertop than traditional models without sacrificing any cooking power!

Toasters don’t have it much better with three modes: toast – dry breads which include bagels and sandwich wraps for a crispy texture), bake – 3 pounds at a time or air-frying 2 ½ pounds food in minutes so you can have perfectly fried foods without added oils or butter. Feeling ambitious? Let the oven fry up to five pounds of food as well as warm up to 450 degrees.

The Cuisinart Airfryer comes with different accessories including an air fryer baking pan, wire rack, crumb tray and instruction manual.

For the price this is a great machine for us! We are retired living on one income so every dollar counts! It has it’s own insulated case that you can use to store it or you can just push the button on top and tuck it away beside your wall oven after using.

We use this Airfryer almost every day for breakfast eggs, bacon or french toast. It heats up quick and cooks evenly. I also use the air fryer to reheat pizza instead of heating in the microwave. It comes out crispy like they just delivered it to my door.

We bought this model because we wanted one with an automatic timer and the ability to roast. The price was right for this model, there are more expensive ones with additional features but I didn’t need them at this time.

Key features:

  • 6 functions to bake, broil, roast or toast
  • 4 cooking options including bake, air fry, roast and toast
  • Automatic 30 minute timer with automatic shut off for added safety
  • Digital display with touch control buttons for easy access
  • It has been a great addition to the kitchen.

#8 Ninja SP101 Digital Air Fry Countertop Oven

The Ninja SP101 Digital Air Fry Countertop Oven with 8-in-1 versatility, digital Crisp Control Technology and Select Toast doneness does what your standard oven can’t.

Tired of complaints from guests about the dryness of stakes cooked in an oven? Get rid of high heat and hassle altogether with a counter-saving technology that turns out dishes up to 75% lower fat than deep frying: The Ninjas’ Air Fry function is like magic for achieving crispy crust perfection on anything you put in it! Perfectly browned outside and moist inside every time–just be sure not to forget the spritz of lime juice before letting them cool down. It cleans up too fast easy as one swipe with a damp cloth, so you’ll have time to cook up something scrumptious for your next batch of guests!

Everything from fish sticks to fried chicken gets the Air Fry treatment. The Ninja digital air fryer’s combination of hot air and high-speed rotation gives food an evenly cooked texture while continually moving it around the heating element. And since the Ninja air fryer uses less oil than deep frying, it leaves behind half the fat of traditional oven cooking. You can even toast bread and bagels in this countertop appliance thanks to its versatile temperature range (from 250°-400°), and if you’re short on time, you can skip preheating altogether for a quick 20-minute meal.

Key features:

  • Large capacity: 45% more cooking space usable in a pan as compared to other models (Cuisinart Toa-65 and Cuisinart Toa-60).
  • 8-in-1 versatility: A complete appliance for making meals with 8-in3 capabilities: Air Fry, Air Roast, Air Broil, Bake, Toast, Bagel dehydrate and keep Warm all in one powerful 1800 watt machine.
  • Reclaim your counter space: The cabinet takes up half the room when flipping it over and put it away for storage on your kitchen backsplash.

#9 Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven

The Breville Mini Smart Oven is a compact oven that has eight cooking functions. This counter sized appliance will assist in achieving the perfect result – whether baking, toasting or broiling your favorite dishes. The 1800 Watt preheat ensures food is ready quickly and this mini smart oven has enough space for four slices of toast, cookies, bagels tuna melts, cup muffin tray and 11 inch pizzas.

It includes three rack positions to make it easy to remove the crumb tray after use – there’s even an auto shut-off if you forget! Plus like all other Breville appliances this one incorporates Element IQ Technology including 4 quartz elements that are independent intelligent algorithms which steer the power where and when needed to create an optimal cooking environment resulting in perfect results every time.

Key features:

  • 1800 watt preheat for quick cooking
  • 4 quartz 1800 watt elements and Element IQ Technology
  • Function dial with eight pre-set cooking functions
  • Steel housing coated with powder and non-stick internal cavity coating

#10 GE Small Convection Toaster Oven

This toaster oven can toast six half-bagels, cook an eight pounds chicken or bake 12″ pizza and still have plenty of room with its multifunctional capacity which allows it to be used as a grill or even warm dishes if necessary. With seven different mode settings that range from bagel, broil and roast this GE small convection toaster oven is versatile for any cooking task.

The stainless steel design on the outside of this kitchen appliance not only looks great but also prevents fingerprints from appearing on its surface. And with GE’s updated crumb tray design you never need worry about spills ever again as it sits away from the opening up at the top which makes clean up easy and efficient.

With the push of a button, your food is cooked to perfection by the quick quartz heating element that works with halogen elements for fast preheat times which make cooking various dishes in this oven much easier than ever before.

And with many safety measures such as automatic shut off and cool touch housing on the exterior, you never need to worry about leaving your oven unattended or burns when reaching into the toaster oven. Make sure you have the correct-sized cookware that will fit in your toaster oven with an accessory set that includes baking pan, rack and air fryer accessory.

Key features:

  • 2400 Watt Power
  • Bake, toast or broil food quickly
  • Multifunctional and spacious capacity
  • 7 cooking modes include: toast bake, broil, pizza, bagel, roast and warm setting
  • Crumb track – Remove crumbs easily due to external removable crumb tray that sits in the bottom of the toaster oven

How To Choose The Best Small Toaster Ovens

When it comes to small toaster ovens, there are a few features that you should always consider before making your purchase. Here are the five most important ones:

1. Size:

Make sure to pick a toaster oven that’s the right size for your needs. If you’re only looking to toast a few slices of bread at a time, then you don’t need a large toaster oven that can accommodate a whole pizza. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that can replace your full-sized oven, then you’ll want to choose one that’s on the larger side.

2. Capacity:

In addition to size, you’ll also want to consider the capacity of the toaster oven. This is especially important if you plan on cooking larger items. If the oven has a small capacity, then you won’t be able to cook or bake many of your favorite foods. You should always check the dimensions before making a purchase, so you fully understand the size and capacity of the unit that you’re getting.

3. Material:

The material that the toaster oven is made from will make a big difference in terms of how well it performs and how long it lasts. Some materials can warp when exposed to high heat, while others might not give you the even heating that you need for your foods. Stainless steel units are a great choice because they’re sturdy and presentable.

4. Heat Source:

The heat source that you choose can also affect your unit’s performance, so you’ll want to check it out carefully before making your purchase. Most units use convection heating elements or quartz heating elements, but some will use halogen bulbs instead. Halogen heating coils are one of the most efficient options on the market today.

5. Control Type:

Last but not least, you’ll want to consider the control type before making your purchase. There are some units that have knobs or dials while others use digital touch pads for their controls. You should also check out which components are included with the oven itself. For example, some models will come with a baking pan, while others will require one to be purchased separately.

FAQs about Mini Toaster Oven

Are toaster ovens worth having?

Toaster ovens are definitely worth having! They can do a lot of the same things as a regular oven, but they’re smaller and more convenient. Plus, they’re great for toasting bread and making small meals.

Is a toaster oven the same as an air fryer?

No, a toaster oven is different than an air fryer. Toaster ovens are typically more compact and can be used for little things like toasting bread or making small meals. Air fryers are typically for frying food (think fried chicken!), so they’re bigger and don’t make toast.

Why you shouldn’t get an air fryer?

You shouldn’t get an air fryer because it’s not really designed to make toast.

Air fryers are ideally for small foods like breaded fish or fried chicken, but most people buy them to use as a replacement for their traditional oven inside of the home. If you’re in the market for a kitchen appliance that can cook your food with little oil or batter, then you will need to find other options rather than an Air Fryer.

More often than not, when people invest in one they find themselves returning it shortly after purchase and asking why it never worked properly. Besides lacking basic functionality found across many other devices such as cooking meat and vegetables simultaneously while also making toast at the same time, they do carry some drawbacks that should be considered before making your purchase.

Unlike a traditional oven, Air Fryers are simply not large enough to adequately handle the cooking of many different foods at once.

For example, there have been several instances reported that have seen users place six pieces of chicken into an air fryer with the hopes of having it ready in time for dinner only to find that they were wrong.

Many larger pieces of meat simply take too long to cook when placed in an air fryer which typically only has the ability to cook small batches at one time, so much for having leftovers.

Air Fryers are often marketed as being able to replace your standard oven but the fact remains that they simply do not have the ability to do so, and you’re better off investing in a normal oven or cooking your food using another method.

What is the difference between a toaster oven and a convection oven?

A toaster oven is typically smaller and used mainly for small items like toast or for cooking quick things like small portions of meat.

A convection oven also cooks these foods very quickly in the traditional way, but the difference with a convection oven is that it works differently in layer heat. This style of cooking creates more even results because there’s no soggy bottom from being cooked conservatively from below. It’s great when you have a large roast or chicken breast that needs to be cooked all the way through, so only 40 minutes may be needed instead of 60-70.

They can do a lot of the same things as a regular oven but they’re smaller and more convenient plus they’re great for toasting bread and making small meals.


In conclusion, you should buy a small toaster oven if you’re looking for an appliance that can toast bread and make quick meals. The best option would be one with convection cooking. If you’re specifically looking for an air fryer, then you should know that they are not meant to toast bread or make meals so it’s probably best to save your money and buy a proper small toaster oven.

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