The 8 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens for 2022

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens are not just for pizza. They’re great for making bread, appetizers, and desserts, too! An outdoor pizza oven is the best choice because you can easily control the temperature. Plus, it’s more economical to set up an outdoor pizza oven instead of buying a stovetop or indoor version that only allows you to cook one thing at a time.

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens for Homemade Pizza Reviewed

HOW WE CHOSE: We picked our top 8 pizza ovens based on their quality of construction, ease of use, and overall reliability. We wanted to make sure that you can’t go wrong with any of these ovens as a gift for someone or as an addition to your own home. Keep in mind that different styles will appeal to different people, so it’s important to read reviews from multiple sources before making a decision.

1. Cuisinart CPO-600 Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

The CPO-600 Alfrescamoré Outdoor Pizza Oven assembles in less than 10 minutes without the use of tools. Simply push and twist to start and let the 15,000 BTUs get you up to pizza making temperatures in 10-15 minutes.Once it’s up and running, pizzas can be baked (finished) in around five minutes with the 600°F oven!

There is a warming tray below for keeping slices warm while working on more pizza. This oven weighs less than 40 pounds, so it’s as portable as they come. It works on a single propane tank that needs to be replaced after 1 lb of fuel (with spare included). Side mounted carry handles make it easy for cooking anywhere while equipment

From tailgating to winter picnics, this oven will have you enjoying outside living months into the year. Unique features like a hinged lid that provides easy access and cooling quicker than ever before, while maintaining constant temperature inside through built-in thermometer; or an integrated smoke cup for replicated wood-fired taste; make feeding under the stars seem nearer than ever. All of this comes with foldable pizza peel, cordierite pizza stone, and informative manual on how to use these tools.

2. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

Italy’s most popular culinary export is pizza. There is arguably nothing more satisfying than making your favorite kind of pie outdoors on the Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven with authentic wood fire or gas brick oven style. A wide, 13 1/2 inch diameter cooking surface accommodates 12-inch pizzas and allows you to cook at over 930 degrees Fahrenheit (500 Celsius).

The steel base protects the stone from heat transfer, meaning it will stay hot for hours or until another blaze lights up just before dinner time. With a cordierite stone floor plate imported from Italy, this perfect outdoor cooker has everything you need to keep friends and family nourished all day long whether camping in the park or simply entertaining by your backyard pool!

This lightweight and highly portable unit allows you to take your pizza making wherever they may be desired — from the backyard to the campsite or even off on an adventure! Its maximum temperature of 910 degrees Fahrenheit is plenty hot enough for achieving that perfect crust while still being able to cook foods at temperatures of up to 350 degrees F.

Whether using dry hardwood, charcoal briquettes or pellets, or natural gas cartridges (available separately), this versatile outdoor pizza oven will make dining al fresco a truly memorable experience.

3. Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven


This is the ideal pizza oven for enjoying mouth-watering pizzas on your patio or in nature! The Ooni 3 outdoor pizza oven cooks delicious pizzas in just 60 seconds and has the ability to heat up to 932ºF, lightening your workload. It operates with eco-friendly wood pellets so it’s warm, sustainable, and economical. You can even use this amazing appliance for cooking dishes like vegetables, fish roasted meat. This lightweight genius of a cooker takes up hardly any space so you can experience true freedom by taking it wherever you please!

The Uuni 3 outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is a versatile wood burning pizza oven and outdoor cooking essential. The Uuni 3 gas pizza oven cooks up to 13″ pizzas in just minutes. The Ooni 3 garden grill comes with an infrared temperature control system that allows you to set the temperature from 180° F all the way up to 900°F, so you’ll have your hot cooked meals ready for you as soon as possible. This best outdoor pizza stuff can be plugged into any 110V power source, so it doesn’t matter if you’re on the other side of the world or at home – order yours today!

4. ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven


The Roccbox Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven is a premium portable fire stone oven. In just 60 seconds you can cook thin-crust pizzas with a delicious crust and an artisan taste to perfection, all at your fingertips. Included in the box are retractable legs and detachable dual-fuel burners that make transport easy as well as a detachable wood burner that allows users to enjoy the benefits of both gas and wood burning fuels.

Heavy-duty steel mesh on top helps stand up against windy conditions, while custom moulded handles offer safe grip even when hot. Customers will not be disappointed with this gorgeous portable pizza oven!

5. BIG HORN OUTDOORS Pizza Ovens Wood Pellet Pizza Oven


The outdoor pizza ovens are self-sufficient, fast and reliable. The materials used to construct the pellet oven is of high quality stainless steel which is sturdy and durable. This unit heats up to 860°F (460°C) with ease uniformly cooking delicious pizza in 90 seconds or less as well as many other foods including steaks, burgers, salmon vegetables etc.).

The product weighs just 25lbs making it light weight for carrying around. It can be set up without any tools required, easily come apart for easy cleaning storage and has folding legs that make it stable on uneven surfaces like lawns or hunting grounds.

6. Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Pizza Oven


Forget the frozen takeout. We want to make you an artisan pizza, cooked like it’s done in Napoli. This outdoor pizza oven is fully adjustable with a built-in temperature gauge so you can achieve all your favorite styles of pizza just the way they should be made ― tasty and fresh, not to mention delicious! From pre-made or frozen pizzas in store that are ready for cooking only in two minutes to making your own dough from scratch right before cooking, this high-quality camp oven makes it easy every time.

Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Pizza Oven fits 16″x24″ sheet pans perfectly. The unique design gives this oven unparalleled versatility so there are no limits when it comes to what you’ll create when faced with limited time and options.

7. Ooni Karu 12 – Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven


Introducing the Ooni Karu 12 – a powerful, versatile, and durable all-season outdoor pizza oven that offers an easy way to cook amazing woodfired pizzas. Get authentic stone-baked taste from your backyard in just 60 seconds with this high temperature all season outdoor cooking solution. The innovative fuel tray maximises airflow for improved performance while delivering a powerful blast of searing flame. You’ll never get caught unprepared because it’s designed to be fired up straight out of the box or use gas after including our optional Ooni Gas Burner attachment (sold separately). Sure beats waiting around for delivery!

This professional quality kitchen appliance is going to take you outside and deliver restaurant quality pies in a fraction of the time thanks to its unique double wall insulation. It’s truly a marvel of modern cooking technology and makes an excellent gift for all your friends who have been asking for a way to cook pizza outside so they can feed the whole gang.

Ooni Karu 12 is the latest addition to the ever-growing collection of outdoor pizza ovens. With this compact and powerful outdoor pizza oven, you can cook anything from pizzas at your next party or family gathering or then take it with you on a tailgate to create some unforgettable memories.

It weighs only 26 pounds and produces even heat that reaches up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit at the center of the oven which means you won’t be stuck in lines waiting for your food any longer! No more coal? No problem! Katu 12 utilizes natural hardwood logs as well as convenient charcoal briquettes which offer hours of cooking time without any chemical additives or fumes.

8. Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven


The Ooni Fyra 12 is a professional outdoor pizza oven that can be fueled by hardwood pellets, making stone-baked Neapolitan style pizzas in just 60 seconds! The ingenious pellet hopper automatically feeds through hardwoods without having to lift a finger. And with a massive 950°F (500 °C) capability you’ll have perfect crispy yet tender crusts for authentic Italian cooking every time. Imagine spending more time relaxing and less time stressing over finding the right kind of wood or placing fire-logs in your grill.

The compact design of this model, along with the dedicated storage bag are made for easy carry-ability! Furthermore, powder coated carbon steel shell offers optimal heat retention capable of reaching temperatures up to 900°F whilst cooking your pizza in no time. With foldable legs and slim profile design, you can set it by the beach or bring it on your next picnic without having to worry about bulky appliances. Invite the whole gang over for BBQ night!

What To Look For In An Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza ovens allow you to prepare scrumptious meals even if you lack an indoor oven at your home or office – using natural heat from charcoal burners allows you top prepare top quality food items perfectly every time! Here’s what you should look for in an outdoor pizza oven in order to get the best value for your money.


A measurement used to describe how small or large the appliance is. Most outdoor pizza ovens are compact yet extremely powerful so you don’t have to worry about preparing several batches throughout your party. This means that everybody can enjoy mouth-watering pizzas without having to wait for hours! If it’s just about using appliances at home then consider getting a larger model instead – this way, you’ll be able to prepare more treats and meals during parties and holidays!

Fuel Source

Charcoal vs Propane. Most outdoor pizza ovens are fueled by charcoal as it is a natural, healthy and environmentally friendly fuel source for your cooking appliances. This means that you can prepare delicious yet healthy foods without the added chemicals and excess grease found in indoor stovetops. However, if you’d rather have an outdoor pizza oven that’s more similar to traditional household stoves, then consider going with a model that also burns propane. Most but not all units will work well with both types of fuel sources so you can pick one appliance that works best for your individual preferences! If you’re really unsure whether or not to choose a charcoal or propane-powered outdoor pizza oven, then keep in mind that you can always mix charcoal and propane to create the perfect combination that works best for your cooking needs.

Cooking Space

The size of the cooking area. Most outdoor pizza ovens are built with 2 or 2 pizza racks so you can cook up two large pizzas at once, but some models feature additional trays so you can prepare more dough balls at once without having to wait too long in between each batch! If you’re really into making your own homemade pizzas then look for an outdoor pizza oven that features adjustable heat controls that allow you to adjust the temperature according to what type of crust thickness you prefer. This way, you won’t have overcooked bases or burnt cheese on top! If it’s just about speed though, then consider an outdoor pizza oven that lets you prepare pizzas in just a matter of minutes.


A control system to regulate the temperature inside the oven. Most outdoor pizza ovens are easy to operate with their built-in thermostats that help you maintain control over your cooking appliances without having to worry about overcooking or undercooking your food items! This means that you can make sure everything is cooked perfectly every time, making it perfect for large batches of food. However, if this little feature is not important then go ahead and choose an outdoor pizza oven that doesn’t have any internal temperature controls since it’ll be cheaper too!


Accessories included with the product may determine how useful the appliance is. Most outdoor pizza ovens have a range of accessories that help you make the most out of your cooking appliances, including an additional tray or two so you can prepare more pizzas at once without having to wait each time you cook up a new batch! Additional trays are especially useful if you’re hosting parties because it means you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing several pizzas for your guests. If it’s just about making food for home use then consider getting an outdoor pizza oven that only comes with one grill rack instead – this way, you don’t have to worry about whether or not there will be enough space to fit all your toppings on top!


A warranty is meant to protect the buyer against any defects or malfunctions within the product’s warranty period. Most outdoor pizza ovens come with a comprehensive warranty that protects you from any potential problems during the first year of ownership, allowing you to use it without worrying about any damages! This also includes free replacement parts for most models which is especially useful if something happens to your main tray. If it’s just about using the product without having to go through any hassle then consider getting an outdoor pizza oven that doesn’t have a warranty at all – this way, you can save money on the initial purchase and still enjoy delicious homemade pizzas!

Outdoor Pizza Oven FAQs

What type of food can I cook with an outdoor pizza oven?

Answer: Most models are designed to bake different types of food such as pizzas, desserts and meats! This means that you can use your outdoor pizza oven to make all sorts of meals throughout the week without having to go through the hassle of cooking up several dishes in a limited amount of time. However, if it’s just about baking pastries then consider getting a smaller model instead – this way, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious breads and pizzas in complete silence!

Are outdoor pizza ovens easy to use?

Answer: Yes! Most models come with simple controls so you can get started right away without having to go through the hassle of understanding complex manuals. If it’s about making cakes then consider getting a model that comes with simple temperature controls – this way, you won’t have to spend too much time monitoring every stage of the cooking process!

What are the benefits of using an outdoor pizza oven?

Answer: Most models are extremely powerful yet extremely quiet so you don’t have to worry about preparing several batches throughout your party. This means that everybody can enjoy mouth-watering pizzas without having to wait for hours! You’ll also be able to cook complete meals in no time, which is a huge help if you’re having a get-together with friends.


An outdoor pizza oven is a convenient appliance that allows you to enjoy your favorite pizzas without having to go through the hassle of getting them from local shops! This means that you can save time and money when baking up delicious pastries and complete meals in no time. To learn more about these appliances and their accessories, be sure to check out our website for informative tips and tricks on how to use them without any issues!

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