Best Grill Pan For Steak

Top 9 Best Grill Pan For Steak To Buy in 2022

Grilling can be difficult to master, but it doesn’t have to be. The grill pan is the best way for people who love cooking meat and vegetables on a grill to get great results in an oven or stovetop. The best grill pan should evenly distribute heat so that food cooks quickly without burning while still getting nice char marks. We’ve compiled reviews of some of the top brands available today so you know what’s worth your money!

List of 7 Best Grill Pan For Steak Reviewed

#1 Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan, Square, 10.5 Inch

The Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan, Square, (10.5 Inch) is a workhorse in the kitchen and grill alike. Foundry seasoned and pre-seasoned for ease of use, this pan works to sear and sauté like no other while also grilling delicate fish fillets or steaks effortlessly and braising vegetables to perfection.

The flat edges on all four sides allow it to be used anywhere from ovens to campfires while producing even heating across the entire surface area because of its thick cast iron bottom without hot spots or cool areas. This hardy cookware will improve with age as old seasoning builds up over time so that food won’t stick when cooking fats taunt you too damn much anymore!

#2 Rachael Ray Cucina Hard Anodized Nonstick Grill/Deep Square Griddle Pan

Cook indoors or out with this Rachael Ray grill pan that’s perfect for the home chef who’s always looking to impress. Double-riveted handle allows you to maneuver the deep rectangular griddle around your kitchen, while sturdy raised ridges at the top are perfect for adding authentic sear marks to meats, fish, stir fry vegetables and more.

Plus, high-quality nonstick coating releases foods effortlessly without any butter or oil—just use a light drizzling of cooking oil before grilling to make sure food doesn’t stick. Unlike other pans where you need extra utensils cleaning is made easy thanks to dishwasher safe material so all it takes is some soap and water!

#3 ESLITE LIFE Grill Pan for Stove Tops Nonstick Square Griddle Pan

The ESLITE LIFE grill pan fits all stovetops and makes for a healthier diet with little or no oil, as well as being smokeless. This non-stick griddle is great for low to medium heat and has a 100% PFOA, LEAD, CADMIUM free coating that’s durable and will not burn food. For those looking for professional grade cookware without the high price tag, the strong reinforced die casting aluminum body ensures this pan won’t warp or break like other pans can- plus it’s induction compatible!

Cooking on the ESLITE LIFE grill pan takes just minutes thanks to its quick heating system and large cooking area which covers four inches of your stove top – making it perfect for families who want one central pan for their entire meal. The unique shape of the pan allows you to make eggs, bacon, pancakes and more all at once! Plus the inside ridges work like a grill; perfect for meat or veggies!

The square shape gives you more options to cook with the stylized grooves that channel grease away from your food. The double pour spouts make it easy to drain off excess oils when cleaning for an easier clean up.

The one-hand Bakelite handle stays cool, while still providing a safe grasp in case things get too hot on top of the stovetop. It’s heat resistant, so simply gripping onto it will not burn fingers like they would on another type of wooden skillet – less risk of burns! With no rivets inside its construction, this is also a dishwasher-friendly pan that provides you with even more convenience and speedier cleanup times than other styles.

#4 OAMCEG 10.2 Inch Pre-Seasoned Grill Pan For Steak

Wear the iron down with the care and love of delicious grilled food, because it’s all about you. This Grill Pan is perfect for any stove top that has a smooth texture on the inside and out; no synthetic coatings or chemicals to ruin your day. Worry not about dirtying up precious kitchen supplies because this nifty 10.2 inch iron pan has a hole at the top and end so you can hang it when dry!

Now sear meat or vegetables with ease, seasoning will stick better than ever to what you’re cooking rather than coating everything else in oil. Make meals prep easier than ever before by roasting veggies in batches instead of slicing them one-by-one–and let’s face it: nothing tastes better than meat seared to perfection. With this pan, grills are no longer limited to the outdoors or whenever it’s windy!

Professionally designed, OMACEG cast-iron pans can be used on gas, ovens, or electric cooking surfaces to perfectly cook your food. Large enough to last the whole meal with ample room for any type of cuisine, these pans are durable and diverse in much more than just variety between regions. For timeless style and quality that’s sure to leave an impression no matter what you’re cooking, look no further than the well-crafted OAMCEG 10.2 Inch Pre-Seasoned Grill Pan for Steak!

#5 All-Clad pan E7954064 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Grill Pan

Our most versatile grill pan is perfect for searing steaks, grilled chicken, and vegetables. The large surface area of the Grill Pan makes it easy to cook for a crowd or host a party at your house with no help from the chef.

With three layers of safe nonstick coating – PFOA-free for long-lasting wear and tear – you will have no problems flipping over any food that needs an additional side to be cooked on without being too greasy.

This pan can also withstand high heat in ovens up to 500°F so it’s ideal for anything from a baking job in the office kitchen to Sunday brunch when you want all your friends over.

Made out of durable heavy gauge steel designed not only with professional chefs or outdoor chefs in mind, but also for home cooks who want that same great look and performance.

#6 13 Inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan Steak Pan Pre-seasoned Grill Pan with Easy Grease Drain Spout

Make a grilled steak that’s not just meat and breadcrumbs! This pre-seasoned cast iron grill pan is the perfect accouterment for your kitchen. The 13″ size features large loop handles for easy flipping, as well as an easy grease drain spout to avoid nasty spills from those incredibly juicy patties.

Cast out of quality cast iron to ensure durability and heavy duty performance, this pan can be used in any cooktop–whether gas, electric, induction or an oven grill. Of course we recommend giving it a head start with a little oil before you start cooking; then go forth and caramelize like never before. You’ll never feed your family lousy burgers again!

#7 Backcountry Cast Iron 10″ Medium Square Grill Pan

With a cast-iron grill pan, cooking is made easy with restaurant quality searing and professional bbq flavor that deep ribs into the dish. Its pre-seasoned for teflon like nonstick cooking surface when used with a thin layer of oil! It has been tested for years in commercial restaurants now you can experience great food at home as well. If its durability or even heat retention you are looking for, look no more as this product never fails to please the hungry family who craves authentic flavor made from scratch.

There’s also unique measurements worth noting: These include 16 inches across and 10 1/4 inches up its height – making it ideal size to use on any stove top whether gas, electric or induction.

The rugged beauty of cast iron can be found in this durable 10″ medium square grill pan that’s perfect for everything from grilling burgers and steaks, making pancakes on the stovetop or serving up a delicious breakfast scramble. You’ll love how easy it is to flip and rotate delicate foods with its large flat surface and independently insulated handles.

And the higher sides make the cast-iron easier to clean than a traditional skillet: just use warm water and some elbow grease! That means rust won’t stand a chance against you, as it often does on softer metal pans like stainless steel. Crumbly bits stay neatly tucked away inside as you fry chicken with less oil than roasting takes, too.

And thanks to the pan’s enameled surface, you’ll enjoy a nearly non-stick experience without sacrificing any taste or lower that healthful level of oils and fats. Not bad for a piece of cookware that looks as good as it feels in your hand – and on your table.

#8 Granitestone Blue Nonstick 10.5” Grilling Pan

The Granitestone Blue Nonstick 10.5” Grilling Pan is perfect for cooking any meal that needs to be grilled, including steak, burgers, bacon and chicken. This nonstick grill pan has deep sides just in case you accidentally spill anything during the grilling process. The easy-to-use handles are wrapped with silicone so they are comfortable on your hand when cooking at high temperatures.

The convenient nonstick surface makes it easy to grill, sauté and toast without any grease or butter using metal spatulas, spoons, whisks and electric beaters while the diamond infused coating ensures years of outstanding performance with little upkeep.

Ready for your dishwashing duties over at the sink? Good news: they’ve thought ahead by including two lids that fit perfectly on top of one another so you can wash them clean right in the dishwasher! The handles are specifically designed for both lefty and righties with an ergonomic Y-shaped handle.

#9 GOURMEX 11″ Induction Grill Pan – Perfect for All Heat Sources

GOURMEX’s induction grill pan is perfect for any cooking occasion. The construction of the pan makes it sturdy and durable, also making sure any meats or vegetables are cooked evenly with no burnt ends. Cooks will not have to worry about food sticking to the bottom as the non-stick coating means everything slides right off without a fuss! Cooking on an Induction stove top never looked so easy because this skillet is made specifically to be competent in that environment. Whether you cook daily or just occasionally, GOURMEX has your back with this kitchen essential mealtime companion.

The GOURMEX 11″ Induction Grill Pan is the newest addition to our award-winning cooking accessories line. This pan is 100% PFOA free, so cooking will never be an unhealthy event in your kitchen. Easy to use with a comfortable handle and perfectly shaped for shallow frying or other applications, this induction grill pan should become an integral part of any cook’s arsenal. Made from lightweight aluminum alloy you can also count on it not weighing down any cabinets which was one of our main concerns when designing this product.

How To Choose The Best Grill Pan For Steak?

As with any form of cooking, buying the right equipment makes all the difference. This article will take you through everything you need to know about what to look out for when choosing a grill pan. From types of materials used and how each affects your steak, to size and design – by the time you’re finished reading, you’ll be able to pick the best grill pan for steak with confidence.

Types of Material Affecting Your Steak

By now, you probably already know that the kind of grill pan you use is important; however, it’s not the only thing to consider when cooking your steak. The type of material used to make the grill pans affect its performance and how well it does its job. Here’s a list of different materials that can be found in grill pans:

Stainless steel – This material is non-reactive and very durable which means that there won’t be any off flavors transferred from your marinade to your steak. It heats evenly and quickly but doesn’t retain heat as well as cast iron or ceramic so you’ll need to cook over high heat for searing before reducing to lower heats for cooking. It’s also the most affordable type of grill pan material, so it’s great for those on a budget.

Ceramic – As previously mentioned, ceramic grill pans are favored due to their ability to withstand high temperatures without warping or cracking. They also maintain even heat distribution which means that your steak won’t cook unevenly or burn under high heats . Ceramic is non-reactive with no metallic aftertaste so there won’t be any flavors transferred from your marinade during cooking. This makes them ideal for preparing dishes like paella and bibimbap where you don’t want other flavors masking the taste of seafood or meat respectively.

Ceramic vs Cast Iron Grilling Pans

Up next is a comparison between cast iron and ceramic grill pans. The following information may help you choose which one to go for depending on your cooking requirements:

Cast iron – If you want a grill pan that will retain heat better, hold it longer while searing meat, and produce delicious sear marks similar to an outdoor grill, this material is best suited for you. It’s also cheaper than ceramic; however, it’s not as non-stick or durable as the latter. You’ll also need to find reputable brands in order to avoid ones that can rust over time with regular use if left unseasoned.

Ceramic – Ceramic tends to be more expensive than cast iron, however, it’s a much safer and more durable material overall. This makes it a great choice for those who may not be as familiar with cast iron or don’t know how to maintain it properly. It also heats up quickly and remains hot throughout the cooking process which means that you won’t need to worry about high heat ruining your meal.


The size of the grill pan is important, as it affects what you’ll be able to cook on it.

If you plan on cooking for two people, a 22cm griddle pan will suffice. If you’re cooking for larger numbers though, buying a larger 36-40cm variety is recommended.


There are three main designs of grill pans you can buy.

A flat pan is what you’re most commonly used to seeing, with ridges that line the bottom of the pan. The holes in these ridges allow fat to drain away from your steak, leaving it healthy and juicy.

Another option is a ribbed pan, which has large grooves instead of smaller ridges. These grooves trap juices inside them, allowing them to marinate your steak as it cooks.

The last major type is a ribbed crepe or crinkle-shaped pan – these have larger gaps between their ribs than other griddle pans, meaning more fat can drain away into your fat tray while cooking – giving you healthier steaks overall but also reducing the amount of flavor you get from your pan as a result.


What is the best grill pan for steak?

Some people believe that a perforated grill pan (Grill pans with round holes) offers better tasting steaks than a traditional grill grate. These experts consider the contact of flame and meat as superior to grilling on an open grate.

What size of steak should I use in my grill pan?

Steak experts recommend cooking 1 inch thick strips, chops and patties. Depending on your taste and preference, you may want to explore thicker cuts like 1½” thick steaks or thinner cuts like ½”. However, it is critical that all meats reach internal temperatures that destroy harmful microbes responsible for food-borne illness before you eat them. For safety, buy an accurate instant-read thermometer.

What kind of steak is best for pan searing?

According to New York Strip Steak experts, this cut offers the best combination of tenderness and flavor. Also known as shell sirloin steak or top loin, New York Strip is available in boneless and bone-in cuts. It ranges from 1½” to 2¼” thick with a mild to moderate grain along the long muscle fibers. The strip contains less fat than other traditional steaks resulting in a flavorful meat that is well marbled with sufficient external fat coverage. Other tasty options are rib eye steaks (aka Delmonico), t-bone steaks, filet mignon steaks, flat iron steaks and porterhouse steaks.

What are the advantages of cooking steak in a pan?

Pan searing requires much less cleanup than traditional grilling. Furthermore, you can cook your meat with or without marinades prior to cooking, or after for added flavor. Some people love the caramelization that occurs when pan searing steak. This technique also allows you to use lower heat settings resulting in additional tenderness.

What is the best way to clean my grill pan?

Operation experts recommend buying non-abrasive cleaners that are safe to use on stainless steel and enameled cast iron surfaces.

When should I season my steak for pan searing?

Although some chefs recommend seasoning your meat about an hour prior to cooking, commercial grade reformed steaks usually come pre-seasoned. However, if you need to season the surface of your steak for pan searing, experts recommend using kosher salt and coarsely ground black pepper like a traditional grill grate.

Are there any alternatives or precautions when cooking steak in a pan?

The biggest concern with cooking your meat on a grill pan is achieving sufficiently high heat to complete the searing process. If you fail to maintain adequate heat (325°F – 450°F), the exterior of your steak may not form enough Maillard compounds resulting in loss of flavor and color characteristics that define this style of steak.

The other issue is avoiding hot spots on your grill pan. Hot spots can result in burned meat and lower cooking temperatures along the edges of your meat, where it may overcook before the center reaches an appropriate internal temperature for consumption.

Some experts recommend rotating or turning your steak frequently to avoid this problem and achieving a uniform doneness all across the surface of the steak. Finally, like traditional grilling, you need to be sure that all meats reach internal temperatures that destroy harmful microbes responsible for food-borne illness before you eat them. For safety, buy an accurate instant-read thermometer.


Finding the best stovetop grill pan for steak can be a challenge. But with this list of our top picks, you’ll have no problem finding one that will make your meat taste delicious and look great too!

Check out these options if you want to find the best-rated product on Amazon or elsewhere online. You’ll love how versatile they are – whether you’re grilling inside or outside, these pans offer quality results every time.

So go ahead and get cooking today with one of these amazing stovetops from brands like T-fal and Cuisinart!

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