Best Pontoon Boat Grills

Top 8 Best Pontoon Boat Grills of 2022

For fishing enthusiasts, there is nothing better than a day on the water. Whether you’re out for an afternoon of bass fishing or spending your evening marinating steaks and seafood for dinner, it’s important that you remember to pack something to cook with. A good grill can make all the difference when cooking up delicious food at sea.

We’ve compiled a list of our best pontoon boat grills below!

Best Pontoon Boat Grills Reviewed

#1 Cuisinart Grill Modified for Pontoon Boat with Arnall’s Stainless Grill Bracket Set

  • Our preferred source for pontoon grills is Extreme Marine Product. Their Cuisinart Grill is unmatched in terms of design. It is fitted with an Arnall Bracket, which makes it a powerful combo.
  • If someone is seeking elegant grills to complement pontoon boats that do not need extra mounting support, this grill makes the strongest case.
  • This Cuisinart barbecue was created expressly for pontoon boats, and it is appropriately referred to as an open-air grill.
  • You can effortlessly move it around the water and then install it anywhere you wish. Two adjustable legs can give the most sturdy installation while taking up the least amount of space possible.
  • This model has a massive 140 square inch cooking area. It may not seem to be sufficient at first appearance, but once you begin cooking, you’ll realize that it can hold up to twelve chicken breasts. The grilling surface is enough size to prepare meals for more than eight people.
  • Additionally, it has a lockable lid and drip tray, two stainless steel burners, and a sturdy mounting system for the propane tank.
  • Additionally, it is straightforward to use with just a few basic directions. It makes no difference whether you’re an expert or a novice.
  • If you’re contemplating installing the grill, you won’t need any special tools or equipment to do it. It is supplied with stainless steel brackets that can be easily attached to 1.25-inch railings in a couple of minutes.
  • And, removing the grill from the mount is a straightforward process. Simply unscrew the four nobs at the base.
  • The Cuisinart grill is compact yet quite effective. If you keep it clean, the barbecue will serve you for many years. It is quite unlikely that it will rust within the course of.
  • The compact size makes it easy to transport and store. In general, this is an outstanding product. It is the optimal pick for the majority of people that choose this product.

#2 Springfield Marine 1940052 Deluxe Barbeque Grill


  • If you want versatility and wide cooking space, the Springfield Deluxe Grill is for you. It offers an equal cook space of 190 square inches, making it the perfect option for large cookouts on the lake. The lid of the grill may be used as a 130-square-inch grill, which is perfect for cooking breakfast items such as eggs or bacon, as well as quality hamburgers grilled on the flatiron grill.
  • Its Springfield Deluxe Propane Grill is designed to be small and efficient, maximizing your cooking area without clogging up your boat. Additionally, it acts as a tabletop barbecue that is easily removed and relocated. When you leave the marina, it’s simple to transport your barbecue home.
  • The primary advantage of this kind of grill is its ease of installation and pedestal mount, which allows you to position it wherever on your deck. This enables you to place the grill in a location that is optimal for your requirements. The disadvantage of this style of grill is that it takes time to heat up and does not uniformly distribute the heat. This creates a plethora of hot and cold spots on the grill, which you must discover before cooking your hamburgers or steaks.

#3 Cuisinart CGG-180T Pontoon Grill

  • Every single individual who takes a pontoon ride makes an effort to maximize their pleasure. Thus, enjoying a delectable fish meal is one of the most pleasurable activities you can do on the pontoon.
  • This will be brought to life with the Cuisinart CGG-180T Pontoon Grill.
  • If you’re looking for the greatest barbeque experience possible, we recommend this grill. This grill is particularly built for pontoon boats and has an incredibly robust propane tank installation.
  • At first look, the grill may seem to be However, we are convinced that this is not the case. It is light It weighs just 13.5 pounds, making it very portable.
  • With a grilling surface of 145 square inches, it can easily serve a small group of people. The burner is made of stainless steel, which makes it very robust. It can achieve a temperature of 600 degrees in less than ten minutes.
  • Due to its rapid and simple operation, this outstanding function enhances the flavor of your meal. Its tiny size also provides high performance. Additionally, the build quality is superb.
  • Cuisinart CGG-180T is incredibly durable and easy to use. Additionally, it is compatible with a range of universal mounting options.
  • If you’re concerned about stability on flat terrain and this is the case, you have nothing to fear. Its legs fold up and are sufficiently stable to be used on boats.
  • Dishwater may be used to clean the readily removable grate and drip tray. Among the most critical characteristics that grills lack are temperature controls and a twist-start ignition.
  • They significantly improve the cooking experience. If you maintain a clean kitchen, it will survive for years.

#4 Magma Marine Kettle Charcoal Grill

  • If you’re a die-hard barbeque enthusiast who abhors cooking with coal or wood, the Magma grill is for you. This stainless steel grill has a beautiful and sophisticated appearance and is well-known for its ability to evenly distribute heat throughout the 133 square inch cooking surface.
  • This Magma Marine Kettle Grill is rust-resistant and simple to clean. It has a draft hole that allows you to control the temperature at which the grill heats up. In terms of performance, the grill is unmatched. The sole drawback is that it lacks connection points; rail mounts are officially available separately and are priced at a fifth of the indicated retail price.
  • Its Magma Marine Kettle Grill is the most efficient coal-burning pontoon for cookouts with a small family that you can purchase. It is attractive, simple to maintain, and capable of performing properly. The only disadvantage is the cost. the grille and mounting mechanism.

#5 Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

  • Designed to resemble a standard briefcase, the Char-Broil can fulfill your culinary needs on the move without breaking the bank. While it is compact, you will have plenty of cooking space (240 sq ft). Thus, cooking fish, meats, and even vegetables on vacations is a breeze.
  • Additionally, the covered cooking area is safe and equipped with incredible facilities that add to the enjoyment of your journey. For example, the grates include a nonstick coating that prevents your food from burning. Additionally, you can prepare delectable cuisine fast and without using a lot of oil. This is a bonus.
  • The strong steel legs that come with this grill are non-slip and function on any surface. Both legs may be removed to protect their safety during storage and to facilitate their movement. Additionally, they may be replaced with a model developed exclusively for pontoon boats.
  • Besides, you may use the grill to heat the water. Temperature monitoring is a straightforward procedure. To begin, you must check the temperature of the grill using the thermometer located on top. Adjust the temperature by closing and opening the lid, or by adjusting the propane amount pumped into the system. That is all.

#6 Smoke Hollow Grill Modified for 1.25″ Railing on Pontoon Boats

  • Modified Smoke Hollow Grill Smoke Hollow Grill Customized is another grill that has been modified to accommodate pontoon boats due to the fact that it has a marine-grade bracket set that can be put on the railing. Additionally, this black grill is simply removable.
  • You may even mount the grill to the rails of your pontoon boat and use it at home. The grill features a grilling surface of 305 square inches and a stainless steel cooking grid with an easily accessible drip tray for simple cleaning.
  • It’s very lightweight and compact, thanks to the folding legs. The locking lid adds to the grill’s mobility. The push-button ignition button instantly ignites the grill. It needs considerable assembly and may require the assistance of two individuals to secure it to the fence.
  • In general, we believe it is an outstanding pick due to its durability and dependability. Additionally, it has a massive cooking surface and the flexibility to customize the brackets that attach to the grill, which is a dream for any pontoon boat owner searching for a barbecue.

#7 Kuuma Premium Stainless Steel Mountable Gas Grill – Portable Size Perfect for Boats

  • We now have a fantastic alternative for marine-mountable grills thanks to the Kuuma Stow. The stainless steel 100 percent variant, on the other hand, does not utilize charcoal but rather propane.
  • This enables you to attach bottles of any size to it. While it may seem to be a freshwater or marine grade item at first glance, it is really a marine quality piece from the series 300. It is mounted using just one mounting bracket.
  • Although the grill does not have an igniter, you do not need to use matches. We recommend starting the grill using a “firestick.” Although there is no temperature gauge, an internal regulator is included. Although it cannot be adjusted manually, it can be adjusted using an on/off knob.
  • This gadget produces 13,000 BTU, which is a respectable amount. However, the mount is not included with the item; it must be purchased separately.

#8 Masterbuilt SH19030819 Propane Tabletop Grill

  • While we like the quality design of the Magma grill for boats, there is much to be said about the Smoke Hollow’s laid-back and timeless aesthetic. Masterbuilt’s Smoke Hollow model. The smooth curve of the lid, the matte, non-reflective surface, and the traditional analog temperature indicator all work together to create an attractive package.
  • With a cooking space of 205 square inches, This grill is intended to win the hearts of families the world over. With 10.000 BTUs powering it, not a single inch of that massive cooking surface will be wasted. Bear in mind that even with so much power, it’s likely to deplete your propane supply very rapidly once it’s switched on. Carry a sufficient number of 16-ounce canisters with you.
  • Connection to your yacht is unlikely to be as simple as it is with other grills. This is due to two factors: first, the size, and second, the fact that Masterbuilt (like Magma) does not manufacture any of the mounting brackets. This is possible. You’ll need to research several adapter kits or build your own, depending on the kind of boat you’re using. In conclusion, if you’re looking for genuine pontoon boat fun, The Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow will not disappoint.

Best Pontoon Boat Grill Buying Guide

As discussed before, the grill on your boat enhances your boating experience. However, you may forfeit these advantages if you are unable to obtain a dependable product. When shopping for a new grill, keep these things in mind.


This grill in particular is a prime candidate for rust. As a result, you’ll want to ensure that your BBQ grill is robust enough to withstand the demands. Stainless steel grills are an excellent choice for this sort of grill, but they are often the most expensive. Aluminum has a bad reputation. At the very least, it is regarded as a less durable metal. There are, however, aluminum alloys that are as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel. Aluminum is also lighter than steel, which makes the grill easier to remove, attach, and transfer between vessels.


You cannot safely transport a complete grill to a fishing spot. Before you purchase the grill for your next journey, be sure to inspect it. Is it transportable aboard the vessel? Additionally, confirm that the boat is capable of bearing the additional weight. Smaller gas grills are lighter and hence easier to carry across great distances.


How many burners does the product you’re contemplating contain? What materials were utilized and how were they styled? If possible, use grills with two or more burners for increased heat. Typically, these burners have separate controls that enable you to adjust the temperature. This enables you to prepare two meals concurrently. It is critical that you pick a robust material. Cast iron and stainless steel are ideal alternatives since they are both sturdy and corrosion- and heat-resistant. Additionally, they are capable of withstanding huge weights without breaking.

Construction quality

The materials and construction quality of a barbeque grill on a boat are intimately related. After closing the top, the grill must be securely sealed. If the lid includes hinges, it must be made of a rust-resistant material and work smoothly and readily. The connection to the gas valve must be solid and trustworthy, without leaking, and with no possibility of the hose breaking off. It’s even better if the grill has a double stainless steel walled grill since this prevents the grill’s outside from being too hot.


The portable grill for boats is available in a variety of various designs ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate and everything in between. How much you spend on it is totally up to you. However, before investing in the most expensive grills, ensure that the material and construction quality is adequate to justify the price. Additionally, when it comes to warranties, the longer the manufacturer’s guarantee, the more trustworthy the product.


If you’ve found yourself reading this article to the end, then we hope that by now you know why pontoon boat grills are important and which one is best for your needs. We have shortlisted 8 of our top picks for pontoons boats in different price ranges so it should be easier than ever before for you to find a grill that suits your budget while also meeting all the other criteria listed above.

All these grills come with their own pros and cons but what matters most is whether or not they can meet your specific needs (fuel consumption, heating system, durability). Make sure to do some research on each individual grill before making any decisions about buying them.

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